Mikhail Dovzhik.. (1961)

Film-document №5517 2 parts, Duration: 0:16:31, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troshkin V. P.

Operators: Troshkin V. P.

Text writers: Gladilin A.


A film about the team leader of the state farm "Yaroslavsky" in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, young tractor operator from the Zaporozhye Region Mikhail Dovzhik.

Temporary description

Film about Brigadier virgin farm tractor brigade M. Dovzhik. Kazakhstan. State Farm, "Yaroslavsky. Landscapes of the steppe. Streets, buildings, state farm settlement (day and evening shooting). Harvesting grain. Combines and tractors in the field. M. Dovzhik at work, speaking at the party meeting (synchronously), take exams at the machine at the right tractor, with team members on a field camp during lunch, dinner, fishing with his brother. Dovzhik family members: mother, sister M. Dovzhik for work. Vegetable farms farm. Duck farm. Newsreel. Kazakhstan. Spring 1954. Storm in the steppe. First virgin landers set up tents, build houses of mud brick stoves, plant trees, collect water in the tank. M. Dovzhik on a tractor paves the first furrow. City of Moscow. 1961. 22 Congress of the CPSU. M. Dovzhik among other delegates, presenting NS Khrushchev bread and salt. Khrushchev hugs and kisses M. Dovzhik.

Reel №1

Spilling grain, corn on the palm - CU.

Michael Dovzhikov face - CU.

Animation: the inscription on the background of the steppe, "Spring 1954."

Newsreel 1954:

Tornado in the steppe.

Go first virgin landers with building materials and a tent to pitch a tent.

M. Dovzhik on the tractor, paving the first furrow - MS., LS.

In the dried adobe bricks, for the building industry.

Men, among them Dovzhik, break picks breed, producing stone for construction.

Tselinnik planted poplar seedlings.

Tselinnik scoop buckets of water from the river, pass them along the chain, fill the tank with water.

The water tank rides on the field.

Persons Tselinniks - CU.

Steppe evening.

The steppe is M. Dovzhik - LS.

In the foreground, large - sunflower.

Village, the village street - LS.

Welding of metal structures.

Welder - MS.

The street play kindergarten.

School children in the classroom.

M. Dovzhik with members of his team in the field during the lunch break.

Comrades Mikhail exam in German (synchronously).

Relax boys, among them Victor Komsomolets Beetle - CU.

M. Dovzhikov Zhuk go through the grove.

M. Dovzhik home with their children.

Younger brother Michael - Vladimir Dovzhik former Pacific sailor, who came to his brother - CU.

Tractor in a field.

Vladimir driving.

M. Dovzhik suited to the tractor and wrote to his brother about the birth of twins.

Twins: Joe and Tatiana - newborns Vladimir - CU.

Mikhail and Vladimir fishing.

Lit a fire in the fire - kettle - MS.

Sister M. Dovzhikov Love Yegorovna on the field.

Hand with cucumber - CU.

Lie cucumbers - CU.

Boy eats a cucumber - CU.

Snails - CU.

The second sister of Michael Hope Dovzhik with duck in her arms - CU.

The third sister Vera in the pasture.

Mother Mary Kiryanovna with Michael (sitting and talking at home) - CU.

Ukrainian landscapes (summer): lake, Ukrainian village, flowering apple tree.

Tractors - CU.

Tires in the snow.

Brigade M. Dovzhikov a repair technique.

Machine operators - CU.

Building a house in the village - MS., LS.

Tselinnik eat in the dining room.

M. Dovzhikov team delivers state exams.

Among the examiners Michael.

Behind the wheel of Il Dunaeva - CU.

Sitting at the table, thinking over ticket Bob Sidorenko.

Poster with painted parts of the tractor - CU.

Reel №2

Harvest combine - LS., MS.

On the road in the car is on his way to the combine, in the back of her spilling grain.

Combine urges driver (synchronously).

Is a tractor with a combine.

The tractor stops.

Tractor drivers and combine put the flying belt.

Welding a broken frame combine.

Two other vortices and Shumilov who came to cleanup.

Tractor with a header in the box - LS.

M. Dovzhik tractor stops and points to the driver on the uncut flaws (synchronously).

Open caucus.

The culprit is closed cap.

Faces of the team members - CU.

M. Dovzhik in the field.

M. Dovzhik repaired at the combine.

M. Dovzhik talking to old people, with the director of the farm.

Ira Dunaeva pours soup.

In the machine-lunch - CU.

M. Dovzhik lunch.

Evening, the field is a machine.

Refueling technology.

The fire brigade.

Girls sing (synchronously).

Harvest Night - LS., MS.

M. Dovzhik home at the table.

Parses the mail sent to him, working on his second book, answers to letters.

M. and N. Dovzhik Khrushchev hug at the XXII Congress of the CPSU.

M. Dovzhik and others presented NS Khrushchev's "bread and salt" during his visit to the farm

Framing plans: those team members Dovzhik, harvest, working harvester rolling in corn - CU.