Film-travel almanac № 198 (1984)

Newsreel №55198, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:43
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:, A Mironov, M.Komolikov
Screenwriters:V.Ivchenko, A.Mironov
Camera operators:M.Komolikov, N. Sologubov
Text authors:I.Linkova


The plot №1 "From Lovech to Pleven" The plot №2 "Green trails of the Baltic States" The Plot №3 "Caspian Atlantida" The plot №4 "When in the Meadow winter"

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"From Lovech to Pleven".

Snow-covered monument to heroes of Plevna in Moscow.

The bas-reliefs on the monument.

Panorama of the town of Lovech.

Street of the town, are teenagers.

A group of tourists.

The monument to Vasil Levski in Lovech.

Large faces of the tourists.

Open the wooden gate.

A cart drawn by a donkey coming down the road.

The battle of Lovech ( engraving).

A group of tourists enters the yard of the Museum.

Cannons in the courtyard of the Museum.

Engraving Of "The Surrender Of Osman Pasha".

Busts of the heroes of Plevna.

The field of battle.

Monuments on the battlefield.

The interior of the Church.

Eternal flame.

The fountain in front of the Orthodox Cathedral.

The monument "Mother Bulgaria" in front of Skobelev Park.

Panorama Of Pleven.

The "green trails of the Baltic States".

Northern Estonia with the helicopter.

The Bay with large boulders.

The forest on the shore of the Bay.

Lake with a small house near the water.

Lake Viitna.

A group of tourists.

Several people photographed against the backdrop of the boulder.

Dense forest with boulders, overgrown with moss.

Large mushrooms.


Overgrown lake.

A group of tourists studying a map.

A nature trail.

A small waterfall on the river.

Large plants growing in a national Park.

A tourist with a camera.

Old wooden hut.

A young man sits astride a horse.

A group of tourists go in horse riding.

The chain of boats with tourists on the lake.

Tourists in the Gutman's cave.

The inscriptions on the limestone walls, built in the 16-17 centuries.

On a forest road going vehicle.

Moose in the woods.

Large male photographed.

A herd of bison.

Family of hares.


Little pig digging the earth.

Scared the boars scatter.


Tourists try from the bridge to entertain with something of a deer.

A large moose.

The beautiful scenery of the national parks in the Baltic States.

Two white swans on the lake.

Ancient manor.

Storks in the nest on the chimney of the house.

Turauski castle.

Tourists go to the castle (photographed above).

The landscape of the Northern Baltic ,filmed from a helicopter.

Locations: Bulgaria [34] Estonia [70] Lithuania [128] Moscow [820]


Nacionalnyi Park Lahemaa Gauja national Park

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Caspian Atlantis.

Panorama Of Baku.

The maiden tower.

Stones with ancient inscriptions in the Museum under the open sky.

A group of tourists walking past the stones with the writing.

Panorama of the inscription on a stone slab.

Map of the Caspian sea, with shifting borders (animation).

The step with the galloping antelopes.

Two tortoises.

A slithering snake.

Scientists are laid on the ground shards.

Large, found the shards.

The archaeological excavation.

Largely in the hands of two crock.

A group of archaeologists goes to the sea.

Birds pecking something in the coastal strip.

The archaeologist is clothed in a diving suit.

Underwater archaeologists prepare to dive.

Archaeologists-divers under water.

The remains of stone buildings of ancient cities under water.

Archaeologists tied to the stone wheel with the rope.

One of the archaeologists digs out of the sand ancient vessel.

Huge anchor on the seabed.

The rise of the finds on the boat.

The work of archaeologists on the seashore.

Large hands dug from the earth a piece of food.

Sea in the evening.

Archaeologists at the table to discuss findings.

The items found in the Museum.

The oncoming wave.

When in the Meadow winter.

A group of women dressed in national clothes with a spinning wheel somewhere to go.

A group of women enter the yard of one of houses.

A group of women in a room, somebody spins, somebody pulls woven thread.

The snow-covered Carpathian village.

Old woman spinning in the room.

Woven carpet with a national ornament.

Carpet with a national ornament.

Large hand woven carpet.

Girl in embroidery weaving carpet.

Carpets hung on the street.

Snowy village.


Man carves something out of wood.

A young man makes carved wooden box.

Souvenirs made of wood.

Easter eggs.

Man painting a wooden egg.

Large Easter eggs.

Clay painted dishes on display in the shop on the street.

Large hand molded on a Potter's wheel vessel.

Girls applied the pattern on the pottery.

Finished painted ware.

Woman sculpts figures out of clay.

A woman paints a clay figure.

Panorama of the finished figures.

A group of villagers kaladka sings (synchronously).

A group of carolers sits in a passing sleigh.


Locations: Baku [948] Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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