Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 584

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

1. Germany. "Pictures of the homeland."

Greetings from Hamburg.

Streets, buildings, shop windows, monuments, canals.

Construction of apartments for workers, PNRM. construction.

2. Germany.

Young employees of military support services.

They dorm dress in shape.

Write letters to relatives.

The girls in the classroom, at work, they work as conductors tram, visit the sick in the hospital.

Sports performances of girls in front of the wounded in hospital, exercises with rings.

3. Germany.

Berlin Sports Palace.

Fragments of the hockey game.

4. Germany.

A solemn meeting of the old Nazi Guard on November 9 in Munich "Lezenbroykeller" on the occasion of the anniversary of the Munich putsch (11/09/1923).

For one of the tables sits Dr.


The appearance of the Fuhrer, he is greeted by old men, Hitler's speech.

Memorial ceremony at Feldgerrngalle, view pantheon.

Laying wreaths Gauleiter Adolf Wagner.

Grand building parts.

Laying Vienna Cove, a wreath from the Führer.

General Friedrich Fromm at the ceremony.

5. Channel coast.

Night anxiety among German anti-aircraft gunners.

Reflection attack British planes, explosions.

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Sport; World War II

Reel №2


British aircraft shot down at the point of collection of secondary raw materials.

Loading scrap on the platform, the train leaves for Germany.

6. At the command post of the Navy-Centre- "Nord".

Room with a lot of teletypes, sailors receive and send messages.

Group admirals discussing martial law, headed by Admiral Karolsom.

7. The northern section of the Eastern Front.

Preparation of minutes in a special workshop.

Transport minutes on the railway, unloading min, loading them on the destroyer.

Laying of mines in the Baltic Sea off the coast of the island of Hiiumaa.

The emergence of Soviet vessels, the beginning of shooting, explosions.

Fragments of the sea battle.

German court.

8. USSR. Military action in Karelia.

Finnish female body "Lotta" at the front.


Women helped the Finnish soldiers, handing out food, donate blood.

Awarding of distinguished women.

Column of Soviet prisoners of war captured in the construction of the winter barracks for Finnish soldiers, they move logs.

Finnish boat in the Baltic Sea.

The shelling of the Soviet position.

The landing of Finnish troops on the island, there are fights.

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World War II

Reel №3

Of the Soviet Union.


Attack of the Finnish infantry.

Fishing on the Ilmen othereu bargain between fishermen, local residents and a group of German soldiers.

Distribution of Newspapers in the Russian language among the local population.

Issue under the title "the Truth", titles: "the defeat of the Bolshevik army on all fronts".

The gathering of peasants by German occupation authorities, appeal to peasants.

The peasants front of the lens.

Clothing warehouse.

The results German soldiers winter uniforms, uniforms, gloves.

German soldiers on the construction of winter huts, masonry stoves.

The rest of the soldiers around the campfire.

Of the Soviet Union.

Military actions near Leningrad.

The use of the oven burnt house.

German scoops water.

German soldiers riding in a boat.


The soldier falls.

Start shelling the Soviet position.

The Germans in the village.


The Lithuanians, "forcibly" conscripted into the Soviet army, their questioning.

The Shelling Of Leningrad.

Firing a weapon. pnrm. the Soviet position, explosions. pnrm. the destroyed village.

Quote from a speech by Hitler: "Leningrad will fall into our hands!".

Of the Soviet Union.

Crimea, South of Perekop.

The vet examines the horse.

German soldiers on vacation: clean, write letters, repairing clothes, cleaning their weapons.

Soldiers reading the military newspaper.

Battery of heavy guns in action.

Infantry in the attack.

Of the Soviet Union.

The battle for the Donbas.

German vehicles and tanks are moving forward.

Fire tank shells on homes, under-equipped bunkers.

Assisting German wounded.

View of the city of Mariupol.

The Germans near the Elevator.

The Dnieper, the sight of the dilapidated dam.

A special team of hidroelektrostacija.

High voltage electricity cables.

Dnipropetrovsk machine-building plant. pnrm. the destroyed plant, collapsed structure.

German mountain infantry troops on the March towards the city of Stalino (Donetsk).

Go carts on horses and camels. panorama of the mining settlement.

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Reel №4

Of the Soviet Union.

Mining town, German convoys going past the slag heap.

Residents of the village.

The speaker drew attention to the Mongoloid features left over from the invasion of Genghis Khan, the faces of the people.

Soviet prisoners of war. pnrm. the faces.

There is a column of prisoners, some carrying twigs, brushwood.

Camp prisoners in the field.

Eastern front.

The 6th army headed by General field Marshal Walter von Reichenau captures Kharkov on October 24-25, the entry of the Germans into the city.

Shoot guns, walls of houses crumbling from the explosions.

Tanks on the streets of Kharkov, there have been fierce street fighting.

The German assault group to overcome the fierce resistance of the enemy.

Built on every street corner barricades, trenches and minefields to prevent the promotion of the city.

Soviet poster with the image of the soldier hanging on the wall.

The corpse of a horse on the street, the barricade.

The views of the city, Gosprom building.

The wretched neighborhoods of the poor.

Of the Soviet Union.

The Central section of the front.


The Germans stepping up the Volga river near Kalinin.

Eerie autumn impassability of roads, trucks stuck in the mud.

Soldiers help to pull the car.

On a dirt road going trucks, the truck on the trailer.

Pig peeking out of the crib.

Silhouette of a German soldier, who sharpens knife.

The chef prepares from pigs sausage, the soldiers eat.

RAD soldiers on bikes go to road works.

Field Marshal Kesselring inspects the site.

German planes in the air, shelling the Soviet position, and composition.

The pilot in the cockpit.

The view from the plane on the advancing German units could see the road with cars

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