Film-travel almanac 1979 № 140

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Director: Gasyuk D., Golovnya B., Mironov A., Potievskij E.

Script writers: Basmanov A.

Operators: Gasyuk D., Golovnya B., Kryuchkin V., Potievskij E.

Text writers: Gastev A.

Other authors: Gasyuk D., Golovnya B., Kryuchkin V.


1. "Route". 2. "The raft travels to the North." 3. "In the gardens of the Lyceum." 4. "Sydney - Melbourne".

Reel №1

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1. Route.

Winter natural landscapes of Yakutia.

Car caravan.

The driver looks out of the window.

The machine blows out of the way.

Drivers dig truck.

The tractor pulls car.

Trucks on the road.

Winter sunset.

People drink tea around the fire.

The morning shave.

The driver behind the wheel.

Taiga road.

People cook.

Collective lunch.

The driver in the cab.

Trucks pass on the frozen river.

The village of Nepal.

People soared in the bath.

Bathing in the hole.

The dog on the porch.

Herders with harness on the picket taiga.

Drivers are drinking tea.

Animal skins.

Dog near the house.

Against the wall are skis and dried skin.

Trucks go through the taiga.

on the road view from the cockpit.

The driver behind the wheel.

Monument to the Discoveries chauffeur.

Drivers are photographed at the monument.

Mining equipment in his career. "BelAZ" on the road.

Peaceful, panoramic view of the city.

2. The raft travels north.

Alternation: newsreel raft on the waves Kolyma river natural scenery.

Navigator examines the map.

Cameraman with a camera.

Cook prepares dinner.

Mechanic mechanic at the helm.

The raft floats on the river.

Fishermen take out of the water network.

A raft approaching the shore.

People greet.

Hunters around the campfire.

The girl feeds a bear cub from milk banks.

The man smokes a pipe.

Girl strokes teddy bear.

Members of the expedition visiting mammoth tusks and other remains.

The raft sails away.

People in boats.

Reconciliation with the card.

The harvest of berries and mushrooms.

A man cleans the mushrooms.

View from the water on a rocky island.

People on the raft.

The river is a dumb barge.

Hydroplane over the water.

Landing a seaplane.

The raft swims by seaplane.

Man looking through binoculars.

View from the raft at the coastal village.

Laying the bouquet of herbs to the memorial column.

Users lights a cigarette from the embers.

The expedition moves to the ocean.

View of the port, ships at berth, harbor cranes.

The crane carries the raft.

Helicopter over the shore.


The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Magadan region



Automobile transport; Scientific expeditions
Transportation; Sectors of the economy; Science

Reel №2

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3. In the face of the gardens.

Museum-Reserve Tsarskoye Selo.

Catherine Palace.

The hall in the palace.


The hall where Pushkin had read the poem "Memories of Tsarskoye Selo" on the exam.


The room of the poet.

The corridors of the Lyceum.

Alternation: types palace park, paintings, reflection in water, room.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin.

Reflections in the water.

Pond View.

4. Sydney - Melbourne.

Australian coast.

Memorial Stone.

Monument D.Kuku in Karneli, a suburb of Sydney.

Sea surf in the background the city.

Types of Sydney.

City streets.

Seller magazines.

People walk in the park.

Birds in cages.

People feed the birds out of the hands.

Holidaymakers in the park.

University of Sydney.

Opera Theatre.

Driving on motorway (shooting from the cab).

Types of Melbourne.

Parliament House of Victoria.

The city streets, residents of Melbourne.

Amusement park and entertainment.

Artist sells paintings on the street.

Sale of vegetables in the market.

The participants of demonstrations and rallies.

Types of Sydney.


Leningrad region



Literati; Museums and exhibitions; Countries of the world
Persons of arts; Biography; Culture and Arts; Literature; Towns and countries; Geography and Nature