Film-travel almanac 1979 № 141

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Director: Zakrevskij Yu., Riklin V., Ezov E., Eratov E.

Script writers: Cheshkova L.

Operators: Maslenkov M., Ezov E.

Text writers: Kotenko S.


1. "Vologda lace times." 2. "The steppe around ..." 3. "On the slopes of Vake." 4. "Tongatapu Island."

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Vologda lace times.

Panorama of the river.

View of the river from the boat nose.

View from the water at the Spaso-Prilutsky Dimitriev monastery.

Obelisk to the 800th anniversary of Vologda.

General view of the obelisk and Lazy areas, people are sitting on the bench, the distance is St.

Sophia Cathedral.

City view from the bell tower.


Saint Sophia Cathedral.

Cathedral and bell tower.

View of the Cathedral from the opposite bank of the river.

Rooms House Museum K.N.Batyushkova.

Works K.N.Batyushkova.

Panorama of the city center.

House Museum M.I.Ulyanovoy.

Newspaper "Iskra".

Pages documents.

Portrait M.I.Ulyanovoy.

Room of the museum.

Letters and postcards from correspondence with his brother.

Blooming roses.

The fountain in the square in front of the house of culture.

People on the streets of the city, urban transport.

Vologda Bearing Plant (JSC "VBF"), working automatic line.

Vologda lace.

Oil production in the Vologda Dairy Factory.

Vologda coats.

Reflections in a window.

City streets.

General view of the obelisk and the Lazy area.

2. The steppe around ...

Bird flying over the steppe.

In the steppe runs a herd of horses, cows grazing on the plain.

Horse looking at the camera.

Woman milking a mare.

In the steppe rider jumps, followed by dogs run.

Rock "horse hero."

Goats at the foot of the cliffs.

People climb the slope.

Lonely boulders bizarre.

Roads in the vicinity of Bayanaul.

View of the lake and the mountains.

Lake Lake Jasybay in Bayanaul national park.

Lake view from the cliffs.

Mountain plateau.

Rock island in the lake.

Lake view from the shore.

People catch fish.

Smoke on the fireplace, in the fire lie cans.

The inscriptions on the stones.

Young goats butting each other.

Pine on a hillside.

View of the city and mountains from the water.

Sunset over the lake.

Weathered rock.

On the cliff are the horseman and a dog.


Vologda region



History; Industry; Geography and Nature
Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

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3. On the slopes of Vake.

A monument to the founder of Tbilisi Vakhtang Gorgasali.

The streets of Tbilisi, the building and the movement of vehicles.

Panorama of the City (shot from a helicopter).

District Vake, Ethnographic Museum of Georgian folk culture and life.

Old houses.

People go on the tour.

Man repairing a cart.

Between the houses are vats of wine.

Alternation: rural home, atmosphere rooms.

Rooms, decorated with wooden carvings.

Open the hatch.

Tree branches.

On the porch of the house rises a woman with a pitcher.

Pottery Workshop.

Loom with not finished carpet.

Suspended from the ceiling pot over the fire.

The arches of the chimney.

Under the bowler is a fire.

The men in their national costumes drink wine and sing folk songs.

View of the house from the trees.

Stone Tower.

View of Tbilisi from the mountain.

4. Tongatapu Island.

Waves lapping on the shore.

Palm forest on the shore.

View of the settlement.

Colonia flying dogs on the tree.

Stone structure, showing the changing seasons.

Island trees and shrubs.

D.Kuku discoverer Monument.

A soldier on guard.

Residence of the ruling dynasty.


People on the streets of the village.

A man collects sweet potatoes.

Man loose soil with a knife and stabs the new seedlings.

Exotic shrubs.


The boy climbs a tree.

The baby's face.

Boy hit by harvest cane.

Breadfruit fall into the grass.

Girl with flower behind the ear.

Boy holding breadfruit.

Growing bananas.


Buyers in the market.

Woman examines apples.

A man cleans coconuts.

Woman beats the bark of the paper-mulberry tree.

Carpet of treated bark.

Woven bags, baskets and hats.

A group of people at the table with wooden sculptures.

On the ground, sitting carvers.

Wooden sculptures.

Master carving pattern.

The face of the musician.

A man beats the drum.

Folk dancing natives.

View of the coast.

View of the island from the sea.





History of foreign countries; Folk Art; Traditions and customs
History; National culture; Culture and Arts