Film-travel almanac 1979 № 142

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Burkovskij K., Mamedov D., Riklin V., Ezov E.

Script writers: Levin V., Sineljnikov A., Sklyut I.

Operators: Mamedov D., Popov A., Fomichev L., Ezov E.

Composers: Muravjev A.

Text writers: Belokurov L.


1. "ASB, Berkakit village." 2. "Stone Guard". 3. "A Day in Astrakhan." 4. "The Coral Jungle".

Reel №1

1. ASB, Berkakit village.

Winter taiga.

The movement of freight trains on the railways.

Berkakit Station.

The streets of the village, transport and residents Berkakita.

Customers in the store.

Working in the dining room.

Country house.

Woman knocks rug.

The postman delivers mail.

Woman with dog goes home, the dog in the bag mouth.

The person the builder.

Construction in Berkakit.

kindergarten group for a walk.

Women and children go to the store.

Seller indicates toys.

Children's clothing store.

School of Music.

Children go to school.

Piano lessons.

Learning to play the accordion.

In the streets of rides an ambulance.

The car stops near the house.

Doctor runs to the door.

The clock on the wall.

Doctors with a newborn baby.

A child with his mother.

Construction of apartment houses.

2. Stone guards.

Natural landscapes of Pskov and Novgorod regions.


The ancient fortifications.

Hilly terrain.

Koporskaya Fortress.

View of the castle from the Gulf of Finland.

Fortifications of Ivangorod.


Narva Castle.

The ancient weapon.


The seals on the documents.

View from the window.


Types of Narva.


The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [750] Pskov region [797] Novgorod region [791] Leningrad region [785] Estonia [70]


Winter [823] Autumn [826]

Construction; History; Architecture

Reel №2

3. Day in Astrakhan.

View of the quays of Astrakhan water.

Passenger ships.

Passengers going ashore.

Unloading of the ships in port.

Unloading fish.

Delivery watermelons.

Watermelon in the section.

Residents and guests of Astrakhan on the streets.

Pond in the city park.

People feeding swans.

Arboretum in the foyer of the cinema "October".

Cinema (outside view).

Monuments of history and architecture.

The interior of the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Cathedral bell tower.

General view of the cathedral and the bell tower.

People on the tour.

Astrakhan Kremlin.

Monument I.N.Ulyanovu.

House Museum Chernyshevsky.

A room in the museum.

Portrait NGChernyshevsky.

Kirov Apartment Museum.

Memorial plaque.

The office Kirov.

The newspaper "Communist" in the table under glass.

Monument to Lenin.

View of the Kremlin.

Volga at sunset.

4. In the coral jungle.

Coral islands in the ocean.

Island Beach.

View from under the trees in the surf.

View from the side of the ship.

Soviet expedition in the Solomon Sea.

The underwater world of the Trobriand Islands.

A diver under water.

Sea urchins.

Coral thickets.

Slates and sea urchins.

Shellfish clams.

The diver strokes clams.

fish swimming past sea urchins, lies at the bottom of a starfish.

Diodon (fish-urchin).


Akantaster (crown of thorns).

The fish feeds on corals.

Past the fish swims.

Starfish on the bottom.


The diver equipment.

Divers take samples from the bottom.

Members of the expedition in boats.

Ocean View from the island.

View of the island from the ship.

Ship in the Ocean.


Astrakhan region [769] Papua new Guinea [172]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Russian cities and regions; Geography and Nature; Scientific expeditions