Film-travel almanac 1980 № 157

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Director: Burkovskij K., Gasyuk D., Golovnya B., Mironov A., Serebrenikov L.

Script writers: Vahnyuk B., Kotenko S.

Text writers: Belokurov L., Kemarskij N.

Other authors: Burkovskij K., Serebrenikov L.


1. "On the Volga near the Zhiguli." 2. "Flaming paint Khokhloma". 3. "The Glorious town of Kronstadt." 4. "Damascus".

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. On the Volga near the Zhiguli.

The river is a pleasure boat.

Cargo ship.

On the banks of the tourists go.

Tourists climbing up the mountain.

People walk on a rocky trail.

People take off backpacks.

View of the Volga, on the river boat.

Cargo barge "Urzhum."

Rocky coast (shooting from the water).

Mountain view.

Tourists on a halt on the slope.

Rocky coast (shooting from the water).

The forest on the mountain slopes.

Facilities Zhiguli hydropower plant (Volga (Kuibyshev) hydropower plant named after Lenin).

High-voltage power lines.

View of the city, on the way passing bus.

Streets of Togliatti.

Volga Automobile Plant (now OJSC "AvtoVAZ").

The workers go to the factory.

New cars "Zhiguli" at the factory site.

Auto racing.

Alternation: children play on the court, and ride the rides, excerpts races.

Sculptures made of metal.

Athletes on sailing yachts.

Tourists sing songs around the campfire with a guitar.

Sailboats on the river.

2. Fiery khokhloma paint.

The man pulls the bucket from the well.

View of the village from the opposite bank of the river.

View of the river.

Women rinse clothes.

She pushes the curtains and looking out the window.

Elderly woman sitting at the entrance to the house, standing next to the boy.

Rural street.

Fragments jewelry houses (wooden architecture).

Coat of Nizhny Novgorod.

Woman paints the doll.

Master bowl cuts.

The artists work in a factory.

Finished nesting dolls.

Master bowl cuts.

Older people sit in front of the house.

Man carves a spoon.

Kitten drinking milk from a bowl khokhloma.

Wooden spoons (blank).

Masters at work in wood shaped dishes.

Painters at the factory.

Pitcher and blooming sunflowers.

Jug with a mug on a mug sheet, lay next to the mushrooms and knife.

Basket with a wooden spoon.

Dishes on birch logs.

The boy drinks water from a bowl.

Painted dishes.

The young men in folk costumes carried a wicker box with utensils.

Wizards ride through the village on a cart.

People handing the dishes.

Horseback rides.

The fair acts as a dance ensemble.


Samara region
Nizhny Novgorod region



Construction; Automobile transport; Folk Art
Sectors of the economy; Transportation; National culture; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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3. Glorious town of Kronstadt.

The ship in the Gulf.

Fort "Emperor Alexander I" ("Plague").

Quote from the order of Peter I on a pedestal.


Monument to Peter I.

Wrought iron garden fence.

The streets of Kronstadt.

On a tree branch hanging his cap, sailors raked grass clippings.

People are moving bridge.

Channel water reflections.

Pavilion tide gauge.

Beach Channel.


Railing of the bridge.

Views of the Naval Cathedral of St.

Nicholas from the fence.

Beach Channel.

Monument F.F.Bellinsgauzenu.

Monument P.K.Pahtusovu.


Laboratory Popov.

Monument to Popov.

View of the Cathedral of the sea because of the trees.

The monument SO Makarov.

Playing a military band.

Alternating: the street marching sailors, fragments of the monument.

Monument to the Russian sailors.

Story sailors.


Monument Morzavodtsam.

The sailors marching down the street.

Monument to submariners.

Metal forging the alley.

Story sailors pass by the monument.

Ships at berth.

View Kronstadt with water.

4. Damascus.

Panorama of Damascus.

City streets.

Pond, on the opposite bank are cost high-rise buildings.

View of the Umayyad Mosque (Grand Mosque of Damascus).

The streets of Damascus.

The ruins of an ancient Roman arch in the street.

Umayyad Mosque.

The main hall of the mosque.

Mosaic arch.

Fragments ornaments.

Hall of the sarcophagus.

Gallery in the courtyard.


Buyers and sellers in the market.

The man in national dress takes times and demonstrates Damascus blade.

Master coinage.

Inlay silver on copper.

Jewelry work.

Glassblower produces vessels.

Children and adults around the bench.

Students face the street.

People smoke at the entrance to the building.

City streets.

The fountain in the square.

View traffic.

The monument on the square Mardzheh telegraph.





St. Petersburg; History; History of foreign countries; Folk Art
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; National culture; Culture and Arts