Film-travel almanac № 164 (1981)

Newsreel №55247, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:43
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Zakrevskij Yu., Serebrenikov A., Eratov B.
Screenwriters:Gurvich Yu., Serebrenikov A., Eratov E.
Composers:Zolotarev V.
Text authors:Biljchinskij V.


1. "Over 69th parallel". 2. "In the Primorsky Territory". 3. "City Bylinas-old". 4. "Travel Ganges".

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Over 69th parallel.

Map of Taimyr.

Panorama of lakes.

View of the city.

Construction works.

The central street of Norilsk.

Traffic on the streets.

Residents of Norilsk.

People in front of a cinema.

First House of Norilsk.

Exhibits in the N.N.Urvantsev museum.

Mining operations in the mine.

Trolley ride on rails.

Freight train on the railroad.

Workers in the shops of the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine.

The train station.

People on the platform.

Children play on the court.

Boys playing chess.

Buyers in the gift shop.

People relax on the coast.

Residents of the city.

Top view of the streets of Norilsk.

2. In the Primorsky Territory.

In the sky hovering gulls.

Top view of the yacht-monument.

Panoramas of the taiga on the slopes of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range.

The trunks of the trees.

Siberian tiger in the forest.

Raccoon under the birch.

Lynx on the forest trail.

Teddy bear bite trunks of young trees.

Bear escapes.


Squirrel on the birch.

Panoramas of the taiga.

Landing aircraft.

Out of the plane passengers.

View from the window.

Older women sew traditional clothing.

People at the festive table.

Young forest next to the road.

Mountain View.

Cars driving on the motorway (shot from a helicopter).

Transport on the streets of Vladivostok.

People walk in the park.

Vladivostok, Ocean Avenue.

View of the Peter the Great Bay.

Monument to the Golden Horn Bay.

Sea waves.

Fishing fishing vessels.

The fish is unloaded from the network to the ship.

The fishermen on board.

Fishing vessels, the excitement of the sea.

Locations: Norilsk [927] Siberia [926] Primorsky Krai [764] Vladivostok [951]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

3. City Bylinas-old.

On the road going vehicles.

Church near the road.

Buses parked in front of the hotel.

Hotel housing.

People come into the hall.

Antique fireplace.

Chairs before the fireplace.

Samovars (museum exhibits).


View of the hotel from the opposite bank of the river.

Bend of the river.

View of Suzdal Kremlin.

A church with a bell tower.

The courtyard of the Kremlin.

Church buildings.

Nativity Cathedral.

Jewellery Temple (stone carving).

Excursions in the courtyard of the Kremlin.

The interior of the cathedral.

Bishops' Chamber.

Buildings Suzdal Kremlin.

People go on the tour.

Museum of wooden architecture in the open air.

D.M.Pozharskij`s Tomb at the Kremlin walls.

D.M.Pozharskij`s Monument.

Panorama of Suzdal.

4. Travel Ganges.

Himalayan mountains.

Types of river Ganges.

City Rishikesh temple.

Rishikesh streets.

A man carries a festively decorated image of the goddess Lakshmi.

A man in a green turban.

Old man.

The boy stirred boiler mummy.

On the table is a bowl with pieces of mummies.

Men holding mummy in his hands.

On the streets of the city cars, carts, rickshaws.

People swim in the boat.

Quay Ganges in Haridwar.

People make the ritual bath in the waters of the Ganges.

Pilgrims on the beach.

The new part of the city.

Residents ride bikes.

Heavy power engineering.

It works welder.

Workers assemble the turbine.

People swim in the boat.

Boats moored in Varanasi.

Transport and trade on the main street.

Master embroiders with gold thread.

Women in saris.

Bone carver.

Master handles elephant figurine.

Ready-made souvenirs.

Howrah Bridge in Calcutta.

People on the banks of the Ganges.

The streets of Calcutta.

Museum of India.

The street passing tram.

The monument to Vladimir Lenin.

Movement along the avenue.

Boat on the water, a view of the opposite bank of the Ganges.

Locations: Vladimir region [772] India [103]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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