Film-travel almanac 1982 № 177

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The plot №1 «Borodino" The plot №2 «Two faces of Baku" The plot №3 «Anapa. Gorgippia, Sind harbor " The plot №4 «At home of Shakespeare"

Towns and countries

Reel №1



Plowed field.

The village of Borodino, entrance sign.

Borodino field.

Monument Division of General Rajewski.

Obelisks on the field.

Monument to Kutuzov.

WWII dugout.

Photos of the Borodino field during WWII. Monument dedicated to the soldiers of World War II.

Reconstruction of the Battle of Borodino on the anniversary of the battle.


Two faces of Baku.

A general view of Baku (top).

The central square, fountains.

Eternal Flame.

The streets of the old town, passing carriages.

Maiden's Tower.


Temple of fire worshipers.

Quarter Icheri Sheher.

Palace of the Shirvan Shahs.

Mosque of Mohammed.

Construction of new homes, demolition of old.

Passage through the streets of Baku.

Ground lobby subway.

Modern office buildings.

Obelisks on the field.

Key words


Reel №2

Anapa, Gorgippia, Sind Harbor

Coast beaches.

Sanatorium "Cosmos".

Sailboats at sea.

Ruins of the ancient city Gorgippia.

Archaeologists working.

Archaeological findings: pitchers, sculptures, figurines and so on.

Dive scuba divers.

Scuba divers underwater.

Diver pulls the ship's bell.

Divers bring to shore the ancient amphora.

Shards of clay pottery.

Powered restorer, glues amphora.

Archaeologists studying the seabed using sonar.

Amphorae on the seabed.

Divers take out amphorae.

Amphorae, fragments of sculptures on the beach.

Antique coin.

Shakespeare at home

Portrait of Shakespeare.

United Kingdom, Warwickshire.



The streets of the city.

Church of the Holy Trinity.

House of Shakespeare.

The building of grammar school.

House wife Anne Hathaway Shakespeare.

Shakespeare Monument.

Sculptures heroes of Shakespeare.

Square on the site of the house where Shakespeare died (new location).

Shakespeare Theatre on the banks of the Avon.

Shakespeare Library.

Portrait of Shakespeare.

Key words

North Caucasus, England, archeology, excavation

Culture and Arts; Literati; Museums and exhibitions