Film-travel almanac 1982 № 178

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The plot №1 «Earth Kursk" The plot №2 «The forests of Transcarpathia" The plot №3 «Nowruz - the Spring Festival" The plot №4 «Bombay and Calcutta"

Reel №1

Plot №1 «Earth Kursk".

Kursk region, meadow landscapes, grass, flowers.

Picture: tank battle of Kursk.

Monument to the soldiers, the Eternal Flame, a monument to victims of the Kursk land.

Types of Kursk.

The explosion, mining ore in the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, operates mining equipment.

Freightliner is.

Blades, dead land after mining.

Removes a layer of topsoil.

A man working with a hoe in the garden.

Meadow grass, wheat field, spikelets.

Types of Zheleznogorsk, squares, buildings, vehicles, pedestrians.

Panorama on the streets of the car window.

The resort, the children gather mushrooms in the woods.

Forest, pond, people on the bridge, bathing.

Fishermen in boats.

Wheat ears in the field.

Plot №2 «The forests of Transcarpathia."

Transcarpathia, forest, spruce.

The village by the river.

Forest Museum and alloy Mizhhiria.

Large wooden house in the forest, courtyard, cart.

Black River, a wooden dam.

Cut down the trees, logs lie on the gutters.

Reservoir, a wooden raft.

Newsreel of the mid-twentieth century: raftsman alloy forest along the river, the raft rushing at high speed.

The museum, the dam.

Outbuildings, work tools wood rafters.

Dining table and chairs.

Clothes, shoes rafters.

Newsreel of the mid-twentieth century: the raftsmen on a raft floating on the river.

Former raftsman - now the foresters.

Foresters release fry into the river.

House in a forest glade, pond.

The workers sawing trees felled timber skidding by a horse.

Young shoots of Carpathian spruce.

Foresters working young spruce plantations.

Adults eating in the woods.


Kursk region

World War II; Russian cities and regions; Sectors of the economy; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

The plot №3 «Nowruz - the Spring Festival."

Tajikistan, mountain village.

Flowering trees, storks in the nest, river, mountain.

Spring Festival of Nowruz.

The musicians in national costumes played on surnay.

People on holiday, Tajiks dancing children on stilts.

Flowering almond, newly married couple.

National holiday, the musicians play, the audience on the chairs in the street.

They sing and play the young Tajiks.

Old men sit at the dinner table.

National struggle.

Tajik painted crockery.

Street book trade, Tajiks read books.

Large street samovars.

People buy sweets, kebabs, pilaf.

Young Tajiks dancing.

Elders out into the field, throw in the land of cotton seeds.

Tractor in a cotton field, the old watch.

The plot №4 «Bombay and Calcutta."

India, Bombay, Pier, busy traffic of cars on the roads.

City views from a car window.

Bombay port, the Soviet ships in the port.

Unloading the Soviet ship "Lyudmila Stal".

University of Bombay, Indian students are coming.

Students sit on the grass.

Bombay Institute of Technology, advanced equipment.

Soviet and Indian students and researchers.

Posters and signs in the cinema in Bombay.

Kolkata, ships and small river vessel in port.

People and vehicles in the streets.

The house-museum of the writer Tagore Rabindranada.

Sculpture Tagore.

Varied transport on the roads of Calcutta, passengers, pedestrians, guard.

Rickshaws carry passengers gigs.

Construction of the metro in Kolkata, Indians-workers.

Technicians and professionals of the USSR in Construction.

The first subway train rides on the ground segment of the path.

Machinist-Indian in the cockpit.

Calcutta street with tall buildings, view from the car window.



National culture; Agriculture; International cooperation; Education; Sea and river transport