Film-travel almanac 1983 № 184

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Boldireva L., Holjnij G., Chivikova T.

Operators: Gorchukov A., Klimentjev A.

Text writers: Belyakov V.


1. "Oil Capital of the Ob region." 2. "Desert live tracks." 3. "Generous brush Pirosmani". 4. "Tangier, sketches from nature."

Towns and countries

Reel №1

"Oil Capital of the Ob region."

Plane takes off.

ATV riding in the snow.

Tower on the drill.

All-terrain vehicle in the woods.

Pages Kungurskaya record.

Coat of arms of Tyumen.

Znamensky Cathedral.

Old photos of the city.

Monument to Lenin in front of the provincial party committee.

The workers on the rig.

On the road passing bus.

View of the factory complex.

Glavtyumengeologia building.

Printing computers.

The operator controls the operation of the equipment.

Streets and houses (shooting from the car).

People come out of DC "Builder".

Tyumen residents on the streets.

House L.B.Krasina.

Headquartered V.K.Blyuhera.

The building of the hospital.

Monument of the Great Patriotic War, who died in hospitals.

Tyumen State University (TSU).

View of the multi-storey houses (shooting from the car).

Cars on the road at night.

Machines in front of the store.

Hockey game.

Streets and houses of Tyumen.

Monument: working with a bowl of fire in his hand.

"Deserts live tracks."

View of Earth from the satellite.

Human hands.

Tree in the desert.

The old man looks at the camera.

Repetek sand-desert reserve.

Panorama of the desert.


Woman milking camel, camel drinks milk.

On the sand dunes rides a truck.

Central Asian desert monitor is running on the sand.

Photos: V.A.Dubyansky, B.P.Orlov.


View of the station from above.

Scientist conducting research with microscope.

Gray lizard hisses.

The man closes the autoclave.

Screech agama.

Scientists are working with the equipment.

Scarab rolls the ball.

Weigh ground in a laboratory.

Scarab digs a burrow in the sand.

Working with a desktop weather station.

Scarab in a hole.

Man watching a snake.

Snake crawling on the sand.

Inhabitants of the desert: gopher, beetle, turtle.

Desert vegetation: daisies, poppies.

Lizard on a log.

Flowers swaying in the wind.

Beetle on a flower.

Desert vegetation.

Beetle runs on sand.

A man with a net enters the building.

Scientists conducting the study.

Mating insects.

Bat wings beat.

Researcher lures insects and catches the light.

Beetles attack each other.


Camels lying on the sand.

Panorama of the desert.

Scarab crawling on the sand.

Dry tree.

Man watching beetle.

View of Earth from the satellite.


Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra [817] Tyumen [888] Turkmenistan [225]


Winter [823] Summer [824]

Towns and countries; Flora and fauna

Reel №2

"Generous brush Pirosmani".

Top view on the streets of Tbilisi.

The procession on Memorial Day Pirosmani.

Pirosmani monument in front of sulfur baths, sculptor Elguja Amashukeli.

Girl dancing in front of the crowd in the square.

The village Mirzaani (Kakheti).

From the house people come in costume characters Pirosmani paintings.


Plays a folk orchestra.

Pirosmani paintings.

The house where rodilsa Pirosmani.

Room house built for Pirosmani sister.

The old streets and houses of Tbilisi.

Panorama of the mountains.

Flowering mountain herbs.


View of the Kakheti hill.

Ruins of ancient buildings.

Rural landscape.

Shingles on the roof.

Harvest vegetables and pumpkins.

Peasants baked bread.

Flock of sheep grazing in the meadow.

The old man next to the pointer on the road.


On the ground are pitchers.

Cow is on meadow.

Photo Pirosmani.

The Pictures.

Panorama of a mountain valley.

"Tangier, sketches from nature."

Ships in the Strait of Gibraltar.

View on Tangier.

Motley crowds on city streets.

Showcases gift shop.

Stand with postcards.

Sellers beckoning tourists.

Bustling shopping arcade.

People on the streets of the New Town.

Teatro Cervantes.

Hotel "Rembrandt".

The hotel "Marco Polo".

People relax on the beach.

Shops and homes with views on Europe.

Traffic jam.

Crowds of people in the streets.

Panorama Tangier harbor.


Georgia [83] Morocco [149]


Autumn [826]