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1. The story of the Red Army detachment under the leadership of Chairman Tsentrosibir N.N.Yakovleva who fought for Soviet power in Yakutia in 1918. 2. Plot of the world architectural monuments in the ancient Russian town of Yuriev-Polsky. 3. The plot of the Berezina Biosphere Reserve in Belarus. 4. The plot №4 «A century young Prague"

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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The plot №1 «On Olekma year 1918".

Baikal-Amur Mainline, the scenery outside the window of the car.

Siberian taiga (view from helicopter).

Yakutia, city Olekminsk.

Monument Tsentrosibirtsam, Civil War hero who died for the Soviet power in Yakutia.

Photo chairman Tsentrosibir N.N.Yakovleva.

On the electronic telegraph message is printed Lenin CEC Soviets Siberia.

Amur Region, Zeya River, coastal landscape.

Winter, mountain taiga, the route of BAM (top view).

Campfire in the winter forest.

House forester, deer in harness.

Shots are fired (behind the scenes).

Place of death in the forest group of Red and N.N.Yakovleva.

Photo 1920: the ceremony of reburial of the remains of the Red Army in Olekminsk.

Baikal-Amur Mainline, the scenery outside the window of the car.

Monument Tsentrosibirtsam Siberian river.

The plot №2 «among the fields."

Wooden sculpture of St.

George the 15th century.

Vladimir region, a natural area of Opole.

Wheat field.

Vintage wooden sculptures of saints.

City Yuriev-Polsky, people on the streets and attractions.

Monuments of wooden architecture.

Temple carving of the 16th century.

Modern and old wooden houses in Yuriev-Polish.

Rooster on the porch.

Woman rinse the laundry in the river.


George's Cathedral of the 13th century.

The bas-reliefs on the walls of the cathedral, restorers working.

Wheat field.

Sculpture of St.





The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Amur Oblast
Vladimir region

Russian civil war; The first years of Soviet power; Architecture; Culture and Arts; Russian cities and regions
History; Towns and countries; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

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The plot №3 «The reserve on the Berezina."

Minsk and Vitebsk regions of the USSR, Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve.

Night in the reserve, owl, lynx on a tree.

Morning on the river, willow branches.

An employee of the reserve at the weather station.

The river swim duck, beaver.

Scientists with the equipment at the river.

Pine forest ranger measures the trunk of a tree.

Black Stork in the nest.

Bison and elk in the meadow.

Animals, Bear.

Scientific climbs the stairs to the top of the tree.

Bear swims.

The cubs in the grass.

Beaver swims.

Reserve staff released the beaver out of the cell.

Foresters are floating in a boat.

Thickets of water lilies in a pond.

The plot №4 «A Century Young Prague".

Prague, view of the city and attractions.

Temples, architectural monuments and sculptures.

River Vltava, bridges, houses on the beach.

Prague Astronomical Clock "Orloj".

Wenceslas Square, equestrian statue of St.


Charles Bridge, tourists.

Strahov Monastery, the Museum of Literature.

The interiors are painted.

The museum exhibition, ancient tomes.

The streets of Prague, the family crest on the houses.

The skeleton (symbol of death) at Prague Astronomical Clock.

Passers-by on the streets of Prague, tourists.

Old Town Square, a monument to Jan Hus.

House Czech poet Jan Neruda, a commemorative plaque, a bas-relief.

A wedding in the streets of Prague, the bride and groom, family and friends with flowers.

Types of ancient and modern Prague, the river, bridges, rest.

Young women with children.

Views of Prague from the top.



Geography and Nature; Towns and countries; Culture and Arts; Architecture