Film-travel almanac № 187 (1983)

Newsreel №55269, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:27


1. The plot of the city of Kostomuksha in Karelia and its main wealth - iron ore. 2. The plot of the home of the famous Russian naturalist Nikolai Przewalski. 3. The plot of the Central Black Earth Biosphere Reserve and a strip of pristine meadow chernozem in the Kursk region. 4. The plot of the post-colonial Mozambique and the lives of citizens freed from the bondage of the country.

Reel №1

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Topic number 1 "Kostomuksha.

Runes of iron. "

Karelia, lakes, islands, forests (top view).

River, rocky shore and forest landscapes.

Swampy meadow, trees.

Blacksmith in his workshop, heats the iron piece in the flame, forges.

Chiselled iron, cast ornament.

A big river, rocky islands with trees.

Mining quarrying, mining of iron ore, machinery works.

Kostomuksha Mining and Processing Plant.

City of Kostomuksha on the lake (top view).

Street condominium, watering machine.

The big wooden house.

The interior with a long table and a fireplace.

Flags of the Soviet Union and Finland are developing.

Stop the townspeople go by bus.

People relax in the woods by the lake.

Children and adults on bicycles.

The forest, the city of Kostomuksha on the beach.

Plot №2 «At home Przewalski."

Smolensk region, forest road.

Meadows, field grass, birch grove.

The river, the man in the boat.

Koster, a horse on the shore.

Photo of the young Nikolai Przewalski's hunting dog.

Smolensk Street with tram tracks, tram.

The building and the interior of the Smolensk gymnasium named Przhevalsky.

Smolensk Kremlin, the ancient walls, the children play on the grass.

Forest road.

Photos Nikolai Przewalski.

The village of Sloboda, Lake Sapsho.

Pine forest on the shores of the lake, grass.

House Museum NM Przewalski's (the former estate of a scientist).

The interiors of the manor, stuffed animals, books Przewalski.

Evening, plain manor with lighted windows.

Photo Przewalski geographical expedition members.

The road in the forest Smolensk.

Locations: Republic of Karelia [746] Kostamuksha Smolensk region [804] Smolensk [822]

Reel №2

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The plot №3 «Steppe reserved."

Kursk region.

Type field (top).

Central Black Earth state biosphere reserve named VV Alekhin.

Untouched steppe meadow, grass, flowers.

Scientists study slice of black earth meters deep.

Students agronomists from different countries with abstracts.

Scientists have been working in the reserve, beds with forage grasses and flowers.

Botanists do herbarium describe plants.

Trees, grass and animals in the reserve.

Rodent-mole rat digs the ground.

Grass mat, prairie grasses and flowers.

The plot №4 «This ancient land."

East Africa, Mozambique.

Palm trees on the shore of the Indian Ocean.

The African child is washing in the ocean.

Women and children, the men in the boats.

Classes in Mozambican schools.

Children repeat the teacher (synchronously).

Children at their desks with notebooks.

Engraving depicting a Portuguese ship.

Colonial buildings in Mozambique.

Portuguese fortress cannon.

Engraving: the slave trade.

Mozambican mopane trees.

The African breastfeeding.

African children pounded rump wooden logs.

Mozambican rebels with weapons.

Roadside landscape.

Mozambican students in the courtyard of the Institute and at the department.

Adults Mozambicans at their desks, receive secondary education.

The hilly landscape, trees Mozambiytsy clean weeds in a field.

Soviet agricultural machine.

Hospital ward, a Soviet physician and African nurse.

National village women carry tanks on the head.

Mozambiets in the deckhouse.

Cargo ships in the Indian Ocean, the silhouette of the coastal city.

Locations: Kursk region [784] Mozambique [150]

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