Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 622 (1942)

Newsreel №55273, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:15
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. North Africa.

Arrival Mussolini Marmarik.

He inspectors ruet Italian and German hospitals.

Duce board a plane departing extending to Africa.

Plane over the Mediterranean, in Africa.

Duce in the hospital, the soldiers enthusiastically welcome it.

Duce sits in the car.

In Tobruk harbor is unloading German and Italian transports: food, ammunition and fuel.

Loading in the car.

General Kesselring among the soldiers.

Car sent to the front.

Italian battalion Salieri trucks.

German soldiers restore running water in the desert.

Inscriptions, warning of the dangers of drinking tap water.

Fueling vehicles.

Soldiers on vacation in an oasis, they eat.

Fuca and El Daba, railway stations in Egypt.

Remains of English composition, materials, equipment, abandoned by the British during the retreat.

Trucks are in the desert.

Sappers conducting demining road.

Barbed wire at El Alamein.

Generals Rommel, Kesselring, Bastiko, Cavallero at the meeting.

German guns firing at the British positions, explosions.

British tank explodes.

German tanks and infantry moving forward.

British tankers surrendering.

Column British prisoners.

2. France.

Refill for the database of the Wehrmacht in the occupied territory of France arrives in the country.

The column on the streets.

Pointers to Paris.

The population welcomed the German tank.

German machinery and tanks on the streets of the French city.

Part of the Waffen-SS, transferred to France from the Eastern Front.

Parade Waffen-SS "Adolf Hitler" July 29, 1942 in Paris.

Traveling motorcyclists.

Marshal Rundstedt, Dietrich, Ausser take hits.

Go motorcyclists, self-propelled guns, artillery, infantry fighting vehicles, heavy guns, tanks.

In the background is the Arc de Triomphe.

Tanks are sent from the camera in the direction of the Arc de Triomphe.

Reel №2

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3. Germany.

Home Apartment Hitler.

Reception Girlie reyhsarbeytsfyurera.

Armaments minister A. Speer reports Führer.

Head of the storm troopers (SA) Lutz makes a report on the activities of the Fuhrer CA during the war.

Handshakes, goodbye.

Fuhrer deleted.

4. Eastern Front.

Reichsmarschall Goering occupied "eastern territories", he goes on the road to open the car by some factories, in a peasant's hut, he speaks with Ukrainian peasants who comes into the house, and then comes out of it.

Reichsmarschall is on track, it is in a rural store.

Goering was leaving by car.

5. The battle for growth.

Machines are on the bumpy road, the German tanks, infantry fighting vehicles.

Go Marines.

German planes in the air.

German infantry crossed the one of the arms of Don inflatable boats and rafts, as well as motorboats.

The landing.

German infantry under the scorching sun moves to Rostov.

Germans in the village, rides, artillery.

Tanks on the highway, is the infantry.

German guns shelling growth.

German soldiers on the streets, go street fighting.

Assisting the wounded.

SS Division "Viking" in battle.

Fragments of heavy street fighting.

Infantry in cover.

German soldiers on Prospect Engels.

Burnt building department.

Shoot tanks.

Operation of Slovak troops.

Fight for the next house, the ground floor which turned deposited into the bunker.

Display the captured sniper.

Broken Soviet equipment, motor vehicles, tractors.

Galloping horsemen.

Burning buildings of the city.

Reel №3

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Burning building, the windows knocked out the flames.

Go carts in the city, the infantry.

Ruined Station Rostov, broken tanks, guns.

A huge column of prisoners is on the road.

A pointer to the station.

The ruins of the station.

Prisoners of war to the assembly point, sitting on the ground.

In the background, whirling windmill, some characteristic types of prisoners - Asians and Jews.

Slovak Minister Katlos presents the Order of Slovak soldiers.

The Germans are on hand section of the pontoon bridge, is aiming river crossing.

German troops are on a pontoon ferry, smiling at the camera.

The movement of convoys.

On the plane view of the convoy, are tanks, soldiers dragged the gun.

Shooting from guns, battle for the village.

Out of the house overlook the Soviet soldiers with their hands up.

The movement of German tanks and infantry on the Kuban steppe.

Bombing Soviet positions with air tankers watching planes.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Flying bombs.

German infantry on the march.

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