Collectivization (1929-1935)

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Scene №1 Along the way collectivization

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Farmers apply to join the farm.

Folder statements.

Persons peasants.

Accounting for agricultural implements.

The farmers go to work in the public field.

Tractors, decorated with slogans out in the field.

A banner with the slogan.

Passing tractors.

Tractors plow the land.

Persons farmers.

Activist reads the resolution of the meeting.

The farmers listen activist.

The text of a newspaper article about the pace of collectivization.

Activist reads an article farmers.

Persons farmers.

An article in the newspaper "Pravda".

The farmers listen to the speaker.

Workers who arrived to help in the organization of collective farms, pass the wagon train.

People greet arrivals.

Sleigh rides train.

Face elderly peasant.

Farmers welcome newcomers.

People dig out of snow agricultural implements.

Smiths repairing plows.

Hammer has Ploughshares, lying on the anvil.

People are repairing machinery and equipment.

Lights collective field.

Remains of burned-out buildings.

Charred sacks of grain.

Wall burnt barn.

Funeral killed kolkhoz activists.

Banner demanding the execution of murderers.

General view of the collective-farm demonstration.

People are holding slogans.

She speaks at a rally.

Peasant face questioning with speakers.

The girl's face.

Women argue during a rally.

People argue.

List join the collective farm.

People at the meeting vote for the creation of a collective farm.

On the road passing tractor, people throw flowers into it.

Farmer's face.

Passing tractors.


Tractor driver at the wheel of the tractor.

Sods under the plow.

On the field, stopped the car, it comes from the quality inspector agricultural work, greeted with farmers.

Icon inspector.

Inspector talking with farmers.

The plow turns sods.

Inspector together with farmers determines the quality of plowing the land.

The car is on the road.

Inspector talking with farmers.

Piece of turf.

The inspector approves the work farmers.

People go to the car.

Inspector sits in the car.

The farmers from Central Asia at the Congress of Collective Farmers in Moscow.

IV Stalin, Molotov, VM, Budionny SM, LM Kaganovich talking to delegates of the Congress.

Stalin and MI Kalinin among the delegates.

Stalin with women delegates.

Stalin, Kalinin, Molotov, Kaganovich among delegates.

Stalin was lighting his pipe.


Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin - statesman and political figure Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov - statesman and political figure Lazar Kaganovich - statesman and political figure Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin - statesman and political figure Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich - commander

Calendar: 1929-1935

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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