Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 617 (1942)

Newsreel №55313, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:38
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. North Africa, Libya.

Fighting with the British 8th Army, fighting circuit.

Marshal Rommel is developing a plan of attack, he was with the officers.

The scheme of actions taken by German troops.

A large crowd of British prisoners, columns on a road.

Destruction of equipment.

Fragments of air combat in the area Marmarica.

The breakthrough of the German tank units in the direction of Sidi El Adem and Rezegh.

Martial law on 11 June 1942 on the scheme.

German units moving toward achromia to the Mediterranean Sea.

Setting the British troops.

Many prisoners.

Speaker of the captured 60,000 British.

Offensive on June 14 in the area of El Alamein.

Fighting in the area of Tobruk.

Setting Tobruk 18 June 1942 on the scheme.

Shoot the German and Italian guns.

June 20 - assault on the fortress of Tobruk.

Rommel following the progress of the fighting.

Massive attack German and Italian troops, fire, explosions.

Rommel leading the operation.

German engineering is moving forward on the groomed sappers passages in minefields.

German troops in the attack, shelling the positions of the British.


Reflection British tank attack.

Carried the wounded.

English Burning Appliances.

British prisoners.

German and Italian part of moving forward.

American tanks destroyed.

Rommel inspects the British positions taken by the Germans and strengthening.

Reel №2

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Defeated the British position.

British military prisoners, many of them soldiers from the colored population of the colonies.

German troops are advancing.

The British tried to evacuate the fort by sea.

German anti-aircraft artillery shelling British ships.

The surrender of Tobruk June 25, 1942.

Jubilant German soldiers.

German planes in the air.

PNRM. destroyed by the British positions and fortifications from the air.

View captured the fortress from the plane.

Speaker of the enormous losses of the enemy.

Columns of prisoners.

German troops pass by the columns of prisoners of war.

German troops in the fort.

On the streets of Tobruk, the ruins of buildings.

A fire at a storage unit.

Rommel with officers of the card discusses military situation.

The Germans are moving forward in the desert.

2. Crimea.

Military action in Sevastopol, the scheme fights.

Speaker of the fortifications of Sebastopol, making it almost impregnable.

The movement of German tanks, infantry transports to Sevastopol.

German planes are flying in the direction of Sebastopol, bombs falling on the city.

View besieged Sevastopol from the plane.

Explosions and fires in the city.

German pilot in the cockpit, bombs fall.

Drop downed aircraft.

Fragments of air combat.

Reel №3

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Sevastopol under a hail of German bombs.

German observation post.

Shoots a machine gun.

Infantry goes on the attack.

Shoots a flamethrower.

Destruction of the Soviet fortifications on the outskirts of the city.

Interrogation of prisoners.

Destroyed guns.

Ruined barracks, residential buildings.

Literally transformed into a powder strengthening.

Artillery continued to attack Sevastopol, explosions.

Shot gun.

Romanian and German troops in the so-called inner fortress.

Ruins of buildings.

Harbor area.

Heavy street fighting in Sevastopol.

Germans with guns on the streets.

The shelling of the Soviet position on the other side of the bay.

Shoot heavy German guns.

German infantrymen on the streets.


Germans in the ruins of the building: It shoots a machine gun.

View of the harbor.

German gun "Schwerer Gustav" shoots. charging instruments, its trunk closeup hum.

The smoke of fires and explosions over Sevastopol.

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