Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 712 (1944)

Newsreel №55314, 2 parts, duration: 0:21:05
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Fuhrer.

Symphony concert at the Berlin Philharmonic, the musicians, the audience.

Speech Goebbels speech.

Berlin orchestra marching on Unter den Linden.

German girls welcomed the soldiers.

Festively decorated ruins of houses with Nazi flags.

Men and women read the newspaper.

Set of flags, slogans vernos-year-Führer.

German Chancellery, diplomats and special guests to write in the book of honorable guests.

The slogan on the ruins: "Military Berlin welcomes the Fuhrer."

Kind of ruins.

The slogan: "Our walls collapsed, but our hearts prevailed."

2. Germany.

Hitler on the review of the tank corps.

There are also Keitel, Doenitz, Guderian, engineer Bauer congratulate the Fuehrer.

Hitler and entourage visiting the new models of tanks.

3. Moldova.

Eastern Front, the southern section.

The retreat of German forces from the territory of Bessarabia.

The population goes behind the Germans, a string of wagons loaded with household goods.

Trains with soldiers on the way.

Infantry in the city.

Germans blow up the major industrial enterprises and strategic targets, burning buildings.

The movement of German convoys of tanks such as "tiger" of infantry on the bridge, then rutted muddy dirt roads.

Equipment pulled out of the mud.

The tank moved across the river.

Reel №2

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Fragment of a shootout with the Soviet troops.

Infantry and tanks to counterattack.

Burning Soviet tanks.

German artillery fires.

Infantry in the attack.

In the trenches of the enemy.

Germans on rough terrain.

Invasion of the village.

Burning appliances.

Marines collect parachutes.

Rest soldiers after the battle.

4. Reflection strengthen the attack Allied aircraft on German cities.

Notification to the base of the fighters which began the raid.

Pilots sit on cars, wear helmets.

Start fighters, they are in the air.

Anxiety in the city, empty street with a fixed tram.

In an industrial plant.

Fire brigades are preparing to fly.

Wounded from the hospital converted into bomb shelters.

German fighters attacked a fragment of air combat.

The wreckage of the downed US aircraft.

Captured American pilots in Hamburg, interrogation of prisoners.

Cemetery of dead American pilots.

German fighter pilot tells of sorties and fight with the Americans.

Awarding of honors.

Pilot says the desire of young pilots to quickly join the battle.

Young pilots before the camera.

Children firemen helmets, members of defense.

Anxiety over, hang up.

People come out of shelters, passengers again fill tram.

Another attack allied aircraft.

German air defense headquarters, an officer on the phone.

Anti-aircraft gunners begin shelling enemy aircraft.

American plane that made an emergency landing.

American pilots out.

German anti-aircraft gunners.

German fighters.

Air defense headquarters, the officers give orders.

Fragment of air combat with the Americans.

Drop a wounded American plane explodes another plane.

German pilots in the cockpit.

Fragments of air combat.

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