Exchange of goods between town and country (1924-1925)

Footage №55339, 1 footage, duration: 0:04:07

Scene №1 Exchange of goods between town and country

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Quixotic, pulling sleds.

Tram rides.

Street in Moscow.

The policeman on horseback.

Farmer, sent for the purchase of agricultural machinery, sitting at the table waiting for agency staff and resolution.

Employee hand writing resolution.

Ted peasant pitchfork hay.

Peasant knit bundles.

Cart with plows approaching the railroad car standing at Horoshevskoe warehouse.

Face warehouse manager.

The newspaper "Whistle" in the hand of the head.

People plows remove from the cart.

Face the railway.

Loading plows into the car.

People crossing the street.

Loading plows into the car.

Stop outdoor elevator, the elevator operator opens the door, people come.

People are at the door, take off their hats.

Elevator operator closes the door.

Sled loaded with plows, passing by cars.

People take plows with sledge and loaded into the car.

Clerk makes notes in the note.

Drive up the cart with the items for plows.

Employee Railway Watch loading.

Buzzing train whistle.

The driver in the cab of the locomotive.

Fleeing back railway embankment.

A girl stands near the hut.

Peasants who came to change flour manufacture, waiting in the waiting room, reading newspapers.

The keyboard of a typewriter.

Girl dictates the text.

Typist typing.

Girl dictates.

Fingers typists.

People sit in the waiting room waiting for resolution.

Typist typing.

People in the waiting room reading a newspaper.

Train wheels with textiles.

Passing trains.

Woman milking a cow.

The roof of a moving train carriages.

Women help collect plow.

Roof wagons.

Women are digging the ground with shovels.

Roof wagons.

Women weeding tomatoes.

Workers at their machines in the workshops weaving factory.

Calendar: 1924-1925

Locations: Moscow [820]


Train Warehouse

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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