XXV Moscow International Film Festival. (2003)

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Scene №1

Prizes with symbols of film festivals over the years.

Press conference of Steven Seagal.



Scene №2 Meeting at the airport guests MIFF

Interview by British director Ken Russell.

Interview by Peter Greenaway.

Sophie Marceau comes out of the arrival hall.

Scene №3 Interview Olga Budina

Member of the jury XXV International Film Festival says about the movie, about the work of the jury.

Scene №4 Manufacturing Award "St. George"

The story about the stages of manufacture of the prize.

Report on the workshop, the work of masters.

Ready statues of St.


Scene №5 Interview Fanny Ardant

Interview Fanny Ardant (in French with translation, speaks about the movie, her film career).

Scene №6 Gina Lollobrigida

Nikita Mikhalkov on stage to announce output Gina Lollobrigida.

Gina Lollobrigida goes on stage, welcomed the audience receives flowers.

Hall applauds.

J. speech.


Actors Russian version of the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" Andrew Bielawski, Alexander Golubev, Alexei Sekirin performs the song "Belle", presented with flowers J.


Igor Ugolnikov helps Lollobrigida down from the stage, escorted to a seat in the auditorium.

Scene №7 Party in honor of Gina Lollobrigida

Bear at the entrance to the banquet hall.

Acts gypsy music ensemble.

The guests (Peter Greenaway et al.) In the hall.

Included Gina Lollobrigida, gypsy ensemble performs a welcome song brings a tray of glasses.

Interview producer, film critic, chairman of the State Committee for Cinematography of the Russian Federation Alexander Golutva (about George.

Lollobrigida, MIFF).


Lollobrigida and Nikita Mikhalkov at the table, talking.

A. Golutva, Mikhalkov, N. Rastorguev, K. Surikov, Olemikov at the table, talking, laughing.

The guests in the hall, stands ensemble.

Interview by Nikita Mikhalkov (about J.


Scene №8 Screening of the film by Peter Greenaway

Interview Kirill Serebrennikov at the cinema "Pushkin" (on P. Greenaway).

Mikhalkov on stage.

Speech by Nikita Mikhalkov is preceded by screening of the film. P. Greenaway comes on stage.

Speech by Peter Greenaway.

Michael Ephraim interview after the show.

Interview Tinatin Barkalaya.