Foreign military intervention and civil war in the Soviet Union. (1917 - 1919)

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Scene №1 Foreign military intervention and civil war in the Soviet Union

Officers and soldiers read leaflets, sitting in a trench on the front.

Arrival of the Soviet delegation at Brest-Litovsk to conduct peace negotiations, from the car goes Trotsky, German officers greet him.

The Austrian delegation is to negotiate.

Go to members of the German delegation.

House in Brest-Litovsk, which hosted the talks.

Members of delegations at the negotiating table.

Hands on the keyboard telegraph telegraph.

Military telegraph transmitting telegrams.

Copy of the Brest peace treaty.

Soviet and German delegation at the signing of the contract.

German soldiers marching through the streets of Kiev in 1918.

Representatives of the Central Council welcomed the German troops.

German soldiers marching through the streets of Kiev.

German military band plays.

German generals and officers are on the station platform.

German soldiers were loaded into trucks carcasses.

Carts with food going to load.

Officers troops of the Central Rada.

President of Ukraine Grushevskii MS Portrait Petlyury S. VK Vinnichenko among the members of the Central Council.

Officers troops of the Central Rada.

General Skoropadskyi PP together with the German generals coming to the banquet table.

Entrance to the building of the German military commandant's office in Kiev.

German soldiers check the documents of people on the streets of Kiev.

Black Sea Fleet ships are in Novorossiysk.

There is a destroyer.

Panorama of the port of Novorossiysk.

Plaque with the inscription in memory of the flooding of the Black Sea Fleet in the Bay Tsemess in 1918.

View of the bay Tsemess.

British warships in the campaign.

British soldiers landed in Arkhangelsk.

The head of the Provisional Government of the Northern Region Tchaikovsky NV talking with someone.

Tchaikovsky NV behind a desk.

US warship deck (above).

American soldiers on the deck waving mourners hands.

American ships in the campaign.

American ships after their arrival in port.

American soldiers go from ship to shore in Vladivostok.

Japanese warship.

Japanese officers on the ship.

Japanese ships in Vladivostok.

British soldiers in Arkhangelsk.

Japanese soldiers in Vladivostok.

Face of the French consul.

Representative of the Mensheviks speaks at a rally in support of the invasion of the Entente.

Interventionist troops marching through the streets of a town.

Banquet in honor of the French officers.

Participants banquet raise their glasses.

Cossacks in one of the villages of the Kuban.

Moving horse artillery division of the Volunteer Army.

Czechoslovak Corps soldiers on a halt.

Cavalry division of the Czechoslovak Corps on the march.

President Masaryk of Czechoslovakia Masaryk talks with Prime Minister E. Benes Masaryk Telegram of subordinate units of the Czechoslovak Corps Command of the Entente.

Soldiers of the Czechoslovak Corps going on railway platforms.

Czech legionnaires on the march.

Czechoslovak armored train passing through the station.

Destroyed booth trackman.

Riders cross the railroad tracks.

Prisoners of war under the protection of Czechoslovakia.

Soldiers go through the forest chain.

View steppe.

Red partisans gallop on horseback.

Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry during the parade.

SM Budyonny KE Voroshilov standing at the car during the parade in 1920.

Portraits Kotovskogo GI AY Parkhomenko, Schorsa NA, Bozhenka VN

Part of the 25th Division VI Chapaev while building in 1919.

Chapaev talking with Trotsky Red Army soldiers listen to a speech by Trotsky.

Chapaev worth a wagon train.

Key words

Brest Peace


Lev Davidovich Trotsky - statesman and political figure
Kliment Voroshilov - statesman and politician, military leader
Vasily Chapaev - commander
Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich - commander
Grushevskii Mikhail Sergeyevich - Ukrainian state and political figure
Petljura Simon V. - Ukrainian state and political figure
Vinnichenko Vladimir Karlovich - Ukrainian state and political figure
Skoropadskyi Pavel Petrovich - Ukrainian statesman and politician, military leader
Nikolai Tchaikovsky - a revolutionary and political leader
Tomas Masaryk - Czechoslovak state and political figure
Eduard Benes - Czechoslovak state and political figure
Kotovskij Grigory - commander
Parkhomenko Alexander Yakovlevich - commander
Nikolai Shchors - commander
Bozhenka Basil Nazarovich - commander







Russian civil war; Political figures; Generals and war heroes; History; The First World War

Scene №2

Burning train.

Derailed carriages.

Of surviving the car carried the wounded.

People visiting relieved from the platform cannon.

People are standing on the tracks.

Soldiers take position on the streets of Moscow during the fight with the anarchists in spring 1918.

Machine-gun crew firing on buildings occupied by anarchists.

Wall of the house on Malaya Dmitrovka with traces of bullets and shrapnel.

Corpses anarchists.

Wounded Red Army first aid.

Red Army soldiers endure boxes of ammunition.

Captured sailors anarchists.

Bomb with a fuse laid out in the hands of the Red Army.

Prisoners anarchists.

Remains of houses in Yaroslavl, destroyed by artillery during the suppression of the rebellion in July 1918.

Broken artillery building Yaroslavl Theological Seminary.

Destroyed houses on the square in front of the Yaroslavl theater.

The head of the "Union of homeland defense and freedom" Savinkov BV

Burned during the revolt building shopping malls in Yaroslavl.

Uritzky MS down on the soles of the Smolny.

Head of the Petrograd Cheka Uritsky.

Photo VI Lenin, the chairman of the meeting of the Council of People's Commissars for the first time after being wounded in October 1918.

Powered telegraph.

The tape with the text of the telegram.

Red cavalry pass by houses.

There is a red infantry.

The commander of the 1st Army Tukhachevsky MN worth a wagon train.

Portraits VV Kuibyshev and Guy G. Red Army at the banner of the 24th Infantry Division Rail.

The leaflet with the message about Samaria was taken by the Red Army.

Ships on the Volga.

Cargo of food on one of the piers.

Porters carry sacks of grain on a barge.

Grain carts pulled by camels are waiting for loading on the Volga River.

Loading grain in the train.

Guerrillas of the South Urals on the march.

The commander of the guerrilla Blucher VK with the soldiers.

Portrait of Blucher with the Order of the Red Banner.

Portrait IE Yakir

Recruits in class for marksmanship.

The Red Army through the streets of cities.

Red Army soldiers go through Theatre Square in Moscow.

MI Kalinin welcomes the passing of the Red Army.

Gunners get on the railway platform.

Red Army at the station awaiting loading in echelon.

Face of the Red Army.

Red Army soldiers climb into the car.

Armored soldier wrote the words "to the front!" on the wall of the car.

Team armored cars running along the alarm.

Loading ammunition wagons and platforms.

Red Army soldiers loaded into the car.

Pass commanders.

Division sailors goes over the railroad tracks.

Red Army soldiers climb into the exhaust train.

Echelon passes through the station.

Red Army soldiers ride in carriages and on platforms.

On the bandwagon last car jumps sailor.

Lenin in January 1919 from the balcony of the Moscow City Council acts during a rally to protest against the murder of Karl Liebknecht and Luxemburg R. The soldiers listen to a speech of Lenin.

Lenin continued performance.

Artillery moves on the streets of Moscow.

Admiral Kolchak AV passes building Cossacks.

Kolchak at the guns on the ship Siberian Flotilla.

Kolchak talking with the officers.

A general view of the railway station in Siberia.

British tanks on the platforms.

General Denikin AI walks past soldiers down.

British General Gul welcomes Denikin.

The inscription "In Moscow" on the wall of the White Guard armored car.

White Guard armored train on the way.

Soldiers planted from cars and enter the battle.

The cavalry is on the attack.

The explosion of the bridge.

The cavalry rides and attack.

General NN Yudenich behind a desk.

Look in the cavalry of the army Yudenich.

Passing armored cars.

Armored cars go on the road.

Poster calling for the defense of Petrograd.

Barbed wire on the square near St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

Tram lucky for a platform with guns.

Red artillery into position.

Red cavalry attacks.

The machine-gunners firing.

Cavalry attacks across the bridge.

The infantry on the field goes on the attack.

Map of Russia with the territory occupied by the White Army.

View of the Moscow Kremlin.

Part of the building of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Delegates of the 8th Congress of the RCP (b) in the meeting room.

Kalinin face.

Felix Dzerzhinsky face

AV Lunacharsky during the session of Congress.

Stuchka PI Vladimir MF Stasov ED Artem (Sergeev) FA


Savinkov Boris Viktorovich - a revolutionary and political leader, the terrorist
Uritzky Moses Solomonovich - statesman and political figure
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - statesman and political figure
Tukhachevsky Mikhail Nikolayevich - commander
Guy (Bzhishkyants) Guy D. - commander
Valerian Kuibyshev Vladimirovich - statesman and political figure
Blucher Vasily Konstantinovich - commander
Iona Yakir Emmanuilovich - commander
Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin - statesman and political figure
Alexander Kolchak - politician, military leader
Anton Ivanovich Denikin - politician, military leader
Judenich Nikolai - commander
Felix Dzerzhinsky - statesman and political figure
Stuchka Petro - statesman and political figure
Vladimir Mikhail Fedorovich - statesman and political figure
Stasov Elena Dmitrievna - revolutionary party and politician
Artem (Sergeyev Fyodor) - a revolutionary, statesman and political figure







History; Russian civil war; Political figures; Generals and war heroes; Congress of the CPSU