Soviet Lithuania. (1947 - 1957)

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Scene №1 Soviet Lithuania

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Panorama of Kaunas and the Neman River.

Trailer cable car rises.

View of the bridge over the Neman from rising funicular.

View of the city avenue.

People go through the intersection, passing cars and buses.

City Hall.

Facade of the Cathedral in Vilnius.

People sit on the benches in the park.

People walk past the park on the sidewalk.

Children playing near the monument to Soviet soldiers in Klaipeda.

Busts and flowerbeds park, children playing ball.

Profile of General Chernyakhovsky on the monument in Vilnius.

Quote from Stalin's statement about Chernyakhovsk on the stele of the monument.

One of the oldest monuments, standing in the park.

An ancient castle on the lake.

Panemunė castle tower.

Street in Vilnius.

Cars and buses on the streets.

Pupils leave school after school.

People sit on benches along the edges of the square.

Students go.

The area in front of the school.

Along the street are people going cars, cyclists.

Outdoor swimming pool in the new residential area, children swimming.

Children sit on the edge of the pool, jump into the water.

People on the street clean lawn, others sit on the benches.

Monument Chernyakhovskiy.

Street in the old town.

Schoolgirls down the stairs.

Workers enter the checkpoint factory.

People walking down the street past the building.

The workers go to the factory yard before the workday.







Towns and countries
Geography and Nature

Scene №2

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The waves of the Baltic Sea lapping on the shore.

Seagulls flying over the water.

Yachts in the Curonian Lagoon.

Ship in the bay.

Types of Klaipeda from the opposite shore of the bay.

Types of Klaipeda.

Buildings Klaipeda University.

Types of city blocks (above).

Fragments of one of the buildings of the university.

Square with the monument to Soviet soldiers.

Antitank gun on the top of the monument, the inscription on the monument.

Statue of a Soviet soldier.

Flowers in the flowerbed at the monument.

Children play on the playground.

View of the city street.

View of one of the squares of Klaipeda.

On the street passing cars.

People walk past a theatrical posters.

View of the new urban quarter.

Street with typical one-story houses.

New types of fishing village near the city.

People weed the garden.

Construction of new buildings in Klaipeda.

On the street passing trucks with building materials.

Construction of a house.

Carrying container construction crane.

Bricklayers lay out the wall of the house.

Trucks enter the gates of the old building.

The clock on the roof of the building.

Coat of Klaipeda on the wall of the building.

Automatic machines in the shop textile factory.

Weaver at work.

Works machine-gun.

Spool of yarn on the machines.

Wound rolls of finished paper.

Finished products in the shop paper mill.

Export of finished products a woodworking plant.

Ship winch made in the company of Klaipeda.

Demonstration of the possibilities of port truck.

Launching of the finished ship.

View of the Shipyard in Klaipeda.

Workers electricians at work.

Hardening of high-frequency components.

Processing new propeller.

Workers collect marine engine.







Towns and countries; Industry
Geography and Nature; Sectors of the economy

Scene №3

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General view of the paper mill named Janonis in Kaunas.

Control room at the mill.

Engineer turns breakers on the control panel.

Hand engineer presses a button.

Operate machines in the workshop of the plant.

Work automated production line of paper.

Finished paper rolls.

Worker carries rolls of paper on the trolley.

Finished sheets of large format.

Machines in a textile factory, made in Penza, Leningrad, Tashkent.

Assembly of Leningrad A. Pushkarev mounts new machine.

Pushkarev face.

Brigadier adjusters Markatis K. develops new machine.

Pushkarev and Markatis forge machine.

The hand presses the start button of the machine.

The machine starts to work.

Pushkarev and Markatis inspect the machine running.

Spinner of Orekhovo-Ivanov F. monitors the work of the spinning machine.

Lithuanian weaver at work.

Young worker-leader-in the spinning mill.

Spinner at work.

Kinds of parts spinning mill.





Industry; Towns and countries
Sectors of the economy; Geography and Nature

Scene №4

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The pianist plays the piano.

People listen to music, the faces of men and women.

The facade of the building of the Museum of Fine Arts in Kaunas.

People climb the stairs in the halls of the museum.

Visitors to the museum visiting the sculpture.

View of the interior of the museum.

Stained glass window with the image of Lenin.

Stained glass, exhibited in the museum.

Visitors in one of the halls of the museum.

Sculpture "Partisan".

Sculpture depicting Lithuanian poet Janonis.

Visitors to the hall of the museum.

Bust artist Petrauskas.

Sculptor P. Aleksandravichus in the studio at work.

Aleksandravichus working on a sculpture of the writer Žemaitė.

Sculpture Žemaitė.

Books of Lithuanian writers and poets.

Writer Ventslova AT selects the books on street stalls.

Ventslova scans a book.


Shimkus writer J. flipping book.

Writer Tervitis T. with a book in his hands.

Writer Baltushis Yu sits in a chair and talk about books.

Baltushis talks with Tervitisom.

Writer Gudaitis Guzyavichus-AA talking with someone.

Illustrations for the novel Gudaitis-Guzyavichusa "True Ignotasa blacksmith."

Artist of the Lithuanian drama theater played a scene from the play, staged on the novel "True Ignotasa blacksmith."

Artist performs a monologue.

Construction of a new factory buildings.

Type of construction site.

Work was carrying bricks on rails for loading.

Warehouse brick factory.

Bricklayers lay out the wall of the house.

Map of Siauliai (top).

Street in Siauliai.

A monument to Soviet soldiers in the area of Siauliai.


Aleksandravichus Petras Povilo - Lithuanian sculptor
Antanas Venclova Tomasovich - Lithuanian writer
Shimkus Jonas - Lithuanian writer
Tervitis Teofilyus - Lithuanian writer
Baltushis Juozas - Lithuanian writer
Gudaitis-Guzyavichus Alexander Avgustovich - Lithuanian writer







Towns and countries; Museums and exhibitions; Culture and Arts; Literati; Theater; Sculptors
Geography and Nature; Persons of arts; Biography; Literature; Visual Arts

Scene №5

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Girl with a rake in his hands go on hay, general view of the field.

People mowed hay.

Women ted mown grass rake.

The girl's face.

Senosborniki horse-drawn field.

Stork walking on the mown meadow.

People loaded onto a cart dried hay.

Girls making wreaths, sitting on the river bank.

Trucks with cans in bodies in the territory of one of the dairies.

People discharged cans of milk from the truck.

Dairy workers check the quality of milk brought.

One of the shops of the plant.

Semi-automatic filling line plant.

Milk is bottled.

Production of butter at the factory.

Packing bars oil.

Machine paste labels on packages of butter.

An employee of one of the poultry farms.

Head of the farm worker gives a brochure with recommendations.

People go in a cart along a country road.

The young specialist Ambrozeyus Algirdas talking to the driver.

View hearse lined on the sides of trees.

Types of streets of the village.

Ambrozeyus Algirdas walking down the street and the entrance to the building parish council.

Chairman of the Board Zivanene M. talks with Ambrozeyusom Algirdas.

Ambrozeyus Algirdas answers questions Zivanene.

Zivanene gets up and opens the window.

People walk through a field of wheat.

Forms part of the field.

Pine trees on the slope.

Scientists of the Lithuanian Academy of Agriculture in the field examine new varieties of cereals.

Lithuanian scientists and agronomists listen to recorded their recommendations.







Sectors of the economy

Scene №6

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Paper mill worker puts sheets of large format.

Workers in the factory shop appliances.

Workers collect electricity meters.

Employees of the department of technical control check ready electric meters.

Working in the shop machine tool plant "Zalgiris".

Work is at the machine.

By machine passes the assembly shop Gilizhauskas B. Gilizhauskas followed the work of machines.

Gilizhauskasa face.

Gilizhauskas young worker explains the procedure to operate the machine.

The stigma of the plant on the finished product.

Machines manufactured at the factory.

Checkpoint of the plant "Pergalė" people go to work.

Passing through the plant forklift and crane.

Parts manufacturing steam turbines in one of the shops of the plant.

Factory workers "Pergalė" collect turbine components and assemblies.

Engineers and workers carried out the test of the new turbine.

Engineer monitors the instrument readings of the test stand.

Workers assemble components and assemblies.

The plate with the mark of Kaunas turbine plant.







Sectors of the economy