Film Festival in memory of Vera Cold "Women movie" (1996-2000)

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Scene №1 Film Festival in memory of Vera Cold "Women movie"

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House Khanzhonkov.

National cinematography film center "Moscow".

Film Festival in memory of Vera Cold "Women movie."

The soldiers at the entrance, people with flowers.

People crowd in the hall, the audience in the hall.

At the forefront of Lydia Smirnova, Rimma Markova, Lyubov Sokolova, Elena Nightingale, Olga Kabo, Natalya Varley, Natalia Belokhvostikova, Vsevolod Shilovsky, Oleg Tabakov and others.

A picture taken.

Semen Farad puts figurines festival.

The festival opens CEO Houses Khanzhonkov Rasim Dargah-Zade (synchronously).

The prize is awarded to a young actress Susanna Mekhraliyeva (played in the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus").

Said Rasim Dargah-Zade (synchronously).

On stage actors Aristarchus Livanov Boris Tokarev.

Awarded the prize and flowers Olga Kabo.

Says Andrew Rostockiy (synchronously).

The prize is awarded Natalya Varley says Simon Farad (synchronously).

Gypsy song with a guitar.

Says Natalya Varley (synchronously).

On the stage Irina Skobtseva and Oleg Tabakov (synchronously).

The prize is awarded to Elena Nightingale (synchronously).

The prize is awarded to Lydia Smirnova, Michael Gluzsky reading poetry (synchronously).

Lydia says Smirnov (synchronously), thunderous applause.

Gypsy ensemble sings, dances Smirnov.

The prize is awarded to Albina Matveeva actresses and other Soviet and Russian cinema.

Says Vsevolod Shilovsky (synchronously).


L.Smirnova R.Markova L.Sokolova E.Solovey O.Kabo N.Varley N.Belohvostikova V.Shilovsky Oleg Tabakov S.Farada R.Dargyah-zade S.Mehralieva A.Rostotsky A. Livanov B.Tokarev I.Skobtseva A.Metveeva M.Gluzsky

Calendar: 1996-2000

Locations: Moscow [820]

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