Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1942 № 603

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Reel №1


Short story in a series of As everyone should know, dedicated to the production of pork in Germany.

Data on its production and consumption, as well as feed production from 1933 to 1938.

The value of pork in the diet.

Pig carcasses.

Workshop for the production of sausages.

Working in the shop.

Foreign workers, prisoners of war.

Information on the consumption of pork.

2. Germany.

Stuttgart, funeral German industrialist, engineer and inventor, founder of the automotive company Robert Bosch.

Funk Reich Minister expresses condolences to the family of the deceased.

Laying a wreath from the Führer. 3.Avstriya.

Graz, the capital of Styria / Austria ex /.

Nazi rally on the anniversary of the Anschluss.

Arrival Goebbels.

Population rapidly it welcomes.

Should motorcade through the streets of the city.

Cheering crowds.

Goebbels in the car.

Continued demonstrations in Vienna, a huge mass of people.

The appearance of Goebbels in the car, his speech before the assembled / without phono /.


Goebbels G.



Industry; World War II

Reel №2

1. Austria.


Mass rally the population.

The huge mass of participants. 2. Channel.

Plot fortifications of the Atlantic Wall.

Admiral and generals bypass the guard of soldiers.

Grand opening superdota named after the Todt recently deceased Reich.

The inscription on the pillbox "Battery Todt." 3. Pilot-hero returns to his unit.

His comrades welcome.

Awarding hero-pilot Hitler. 4. Germany.

Führer in his headquarters.

Arrival Goering in a bid to the meeting.

From the car goes Goering.

He is on the road with the generals.

Hitler greets Goering.

They are included in the room rate. 5. USSR. Eastern Front.

In the Leningrad area.

Soldiers dig the ground.

Construction of fortifications.

Blasting operations.

Construction of bunkers.

Gunners strengthen its position.

Start skirmishes with Soviet troops.

Shoot German guns.

Germans in the village.

Rewarding distinguished soldier Iron Crosses.

The headquarters of the "Blue Division".


German General Georg Lindemann presents the award to the Spanish General Muñoz Grandes.

Delivery of ammunition on a snowy road.

Clearing roads of snow at 30 degrees of frost.

Soldiers remove snow.

Soldier with mustache and frozen icicle under his nose.

Snow-covered village.

Passages made in the snow.

German observer.

Germans go on the attack.

German tanks.

Shoot German guns.


Fragments of the shootout.

The consequences of the Soviet bombardment by German artillery positions.

Destroyed tanks.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers in the snow.


A. Hitler
G. Goering



World War II; Air force

Reel №3

1. USSR. On the Crimean site.

Train carries tanks, service in the Crimea.

Tanks on the platforms.

Unloading tanks.

They are sent to the front.

Unloading of spare parts and fuel.

Replenishment sent to Theodosius.

Unloading ammunition and bombs at the forefront.

Germans in the trenches.

Rest of soldiers on the bench rustic hut.

They prepare food.

German catches chicken.


German soldiers tray shells.

Shoot German guns.

Calculations have guns.

German and Romanian troops sent to punitive action against the guerrillas.

Fragments of the shootout.

Burning town.

Undermining captured ammunition. 2. Port in the Aegean Sea.

German boats in the sea.

Italian submarine takes on board depth charges.

Detection of the enemy submarine.

Release torpedoes.


Destruction of enemy submarines.

Italian aircraft escorted convoys to North Africa.

The bombardment of enemy aircraft.

Firing ship cannons.

Reflection attacks.

Caravan continues its way. 3. North Africa.

Rommel and the Italian General Cavallero discuss the situation at the front.

Rommel and Italian generals.

Aircraft in the air.

German pilot Hans Joachim Marseille returned from a flight.

His colleagues are welcome.

German artillery fires.

Skirmish with the enemy.

English downed plane falls to the ground.

Remains of aircraft.

Italian fighter jets take off into the air.

They attack the enemy, his column.

Receiving messages in German command post.

Start a sandstorm in the combat zone.

The soldiers put up tents.

After the storm, the soldiers selected from shelters.

German tank crews.

Tanks in the desert.

They move to the front.

Tanks in the campaign.



World War II