Russian Imperial Army. (1912 - 1914)

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Scene №1 Russian Imperial Army

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The cadets of military schools compete in a tug of war while studying at summer camps in the Red Selo.

Juncker, sitting on the shoulders of each other, trying to knock down the opponent.

Exercises with rolling along the ground.

Visit the younger members of the company of the cadet corps of the imperial family.

Juncker jump over their heads standing in front of his comrades.

Competition in the summer camp.

Occupation drill sergeant.

The contest "wall to wall".

Juncker knock opponents sitting on the shoulders of each other.

Juncker during a sports game.

Competitions on "run in bags."

Award winner in the "running in bags."

Performing acrobatic exercises cadets.

Guards Cavalry Division on parade in the Red Selo.

Emperor Nicholas II and the royal family in a tent in the Red Selo before a military review.

Review Guards regiments of cavalry.

The Empress and Grand Duchess stand at the tent, watching the beginning of the show.

Nicholas II receives a deputation of the nobility of Moscow Province.

Nicholas II picks up the bread and salt, and transmits the adjutant.

Nicholas II was a parade of the Guards, the regiment commander gave a report to the Emperor.

Juncker in the presence of members of the imperial family jumping over a ditch with water.

Nicholas II and his family were watching the competition cadets.

Juncker presented to the Empress.

Guards officers often come to the reception in the imperial residence in Tsarskoye Selo.

Empress Alexandra welcomes guests before taking in Tsarskoye Selo.

Pupils orphanage turns suited to the Empress.

Grand Duchesses girls give gifts.

The members of the imperial family and guests during a banquet in Tsarskoye Selo.

General view of the banquet.

View the Moskva River embankment with passing on her military units.

Nicholas II is ahead of the Palace Grenadiers Company.

Nicholas II and heir to bypass the guard of the 1st Life Guards Infantry Regiment during the show in Tsarskoye Selo.

Nicholas II, like the soldiers dressed in uniforms from different eras of the regiment.

Nicholas II, who sat on horseback, talking with officers at the entrance to Peterhof Palace.

Festive output of the imperial family, go ahead clergy, people greet the king.

Go court dignitaries in ceremonial uniforms, followed by Nicholas II and Empress, Grand Duchess, accompanied by the Grand Duke.

It takes the imperial family.

Soldiers gymnastics before the parade at Borodino.

Nicholas II and his family sat in wicker chairs around the museum building during the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the War of 1812.

The Empress is taking part in the bazaar.

Demonstrators with placards in support of Serbia in the Palace Square in St.

Petersburg in 1914.

Panorama patriotic rally on Palace Square.

Nicholas II and Empress onto a balcony of the Winter Palace.

Rally participants welcomed Nicholas II, the panorama of Palace Square.

Nicholas II and heir to bypass the guard of one of the guards units.

Solemn ceremony at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

Parade of one part of the Red Guards cavalry Selo.

Nicholas II takes hits.

Guard officers took turns coming to sitting in a carriage to the Empress and kiss her hand.

Nicholas II and Empress out of the gate of the Tsarskoye Selo Palace, followed by a regiment out on foot.


Nicholas II Alexandrovich - Russian emperor




St. Petersburg



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