In the Face of the Court.. (1961)

Film-document №5559 2 parts, Duration: 0:15:32, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troshkin V. P.

Script writers: Gorokhov V.

Operators: Troshkin V. P.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.


The film is about nonconformists, the trial of nonconformists is shown.

Temporary description

People Judge N. Kotov rides in the car on a street in Moscow. The head of a sect of Pentecostals, Moscow Region IV Fedotov, preacher V. Ryakhovsky, sectarian Smirnova at a meeting of the sect. The cult of the sect at a meeting in the woods. Club Drezna textile factory in the Moscow region: attending the trial of sectarians. General view of the hall. Defendants. On the stage sat at the table, the public prosecutor and the public. Are state prosecutor (synchronously). To testify, the accused. Says witness Smirnov (synchronously). Says accused VV Ryakhovskiy (synchronously). Children in the apartment sectarians are on their knees, praying. Photo Smirnova and killed her grandson. Daughter of sectarian Kapustin - Olya, which encroached on the life of her mother. Photo of Nina Nikolaeva, suicide. Girls sing at a meeting of the sect. Appears at the trial, Judge N. Kotov (synchronously). Speaker (synchronously) witness - a husband sectarian Kapustin, committed suicide. Daughter Kapustina runs across the field, looking at his reflection in a river. At the trial in favor of the sect head of IP Fedotov (synchronously). A witness Krasin (synchronously). Tanya Krasin in pioneer tie dances in front of kids. Type one of the shops Automobile: the workers collect cars. Judge N. Kotov read the sentence (synchronously).

Reel №1

National judge Nikolai Petrovich Kotov rides in a car on the street Drezna.

Sectarians Pentecostals on prayer in the woods.

Fedotov - inspirer sectarian Moscow region, preacher Rehovsky, cultists Smirnov Klipina to prayer.

Close-up of sectarian Pentecostal congregation.

Textile city near Moscow Drezna go into the factory club.

Poster: "Listen to the case of the criminal group Pentecostal sects."

Courtroom at the club textile factory.

Pentecostals in the dock - LS.

Praying to force sectarian preschool children.

Schoolboy reads the Bible - CU.

Portrait Smirnova, who killed his grandson to force his daughter-sectarian.

Slain boy - CU.

Weaver's daughter Olga Kapustina - CU.

Kapustin, attempt on the life of his daughter - CU.

Portrait of Nina Nikolaevna, committed suicide due to the fault of sectarians.

Defendants Afonin Rehovsky, Korchagin, Fedotov.

Smirnov Klinina - CU., MS.

Judicial board.

Textile workers, including factory work sectarians.

Judge Kotov is questioning the defendants in court (synchronously).

The judge questioned the witnesses Petrov Sidorenkova, Krasin (synchronously).

Witnesses give testimony (synchronously).

Interrogation Ryakhovsky (synchronously).

Victim of sectarian Nina Voroshilov on the court.

Fedotov said defendant (synchronously).

Smirnov said defendant (synchronously).

Testimony gives witness Kapustin, whose wife is a sectarian and attempt on the life of his daughter (synchronously).

The judge questioned Kotov Fedotov (synchronously).

Reel №2

Kotov national judge questioned the defendant Fedotov (synchronously).

Krasin, a former sectarian, passes through the farm yard, talking to her friend navel.

Pupkova give testimony in court (synchronously).

The judge questioned the witness Kotov Krasin, which sect forced to kill his daughter.

Girl Tanya Krasin summer camp.

Acts lawyer.

Petrova witness testifying in court (synchronously).

Said witness Pupkova (synchronously), responds to the question of the defendant Pavel (synchronously).

Likhachev automobile shop - LS. PNRM.

The workers at work at the bench - MS., CU.

At the trial court read out the verdict of the Criminal Division of the Moscow Regional Court.

Sentence listen convicted MZ Afonin, I. Fedotov, VV Rehovsky, IM Pavel, F. N. Kalinin, M. Smirnov, and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

Those present in the courtroom applauded in approval sentence - LS., MS., CU.