Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 546

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

1. Germany.

Admission Fuhrer Berghof Yugoslav Foreign Minister and Prime Minister Dragisa Cvetkovic.

The Yugoslav guests and Hitler.

2. Germany.

Castle Sonthofen, Allgäu.

The ceremony of investiture of the new commandant of the castle.

The head of the German labor service (RAD) Dr.

Lei welcomed the new commandant and passes the flag of the castle.

Hitler Youth.

Evening concert in the castle.

The young members of the Hitler Youth in the classroom painting, art forging skill.

View bedrooms of young people.

The attendant inspects the closet with things.

During the break, the boys run out of the building in the snow, run to the rink.

3. Germany.

Berlin Sports Palace.

Assembly workers.

Bearers make gold banners Führer awarded the advanced enterprises.

It Goebbels paraphrased speaker.

Exposing the Reich Minister of British propaganda.

4. Germany.

The visit to Berlin the head of the Danish police order.

He lays a wreath at the monument to police officers who died at the hands of the Communists August 9, 1931.

5. Germany.

Berlin, the German police campaign to collect winter help.

The street riding trumpeters on horseback.

Propaganda posters on the walls.

Demonstration of working dogs.

Dogs perform various commands, overcome obstacles.

The dog keeps in teeth mug for donations, throw money into it.


The officer played the hurdy gurdy, collects the money.

Rides, a carousel with children.

Children put on service horses, ride, folk entertainment.

6. Germany.

City Trendelburg meets his countryman-hero, Captain von Shtokauzena submarine.

Reported herald residents.

Arrive by train, the captain welcomed the commandant of the town, relatives and friends.

The captain is the crew of the submarine, arrived with him.

Submariners on the streets, they are on an excursion to the ancient castle Augteburg.

Ceremony in honor of the sailors in the castle.

Presenting a gift to Captain (picture), the sailors distribute bottles of wine books.

In the library of the castle captain Shtokaueen talks about his exploits couple.

Gala evening reception.

Woman hands over flowers captain, delivers a welcome speech.

The evening ends with dancing.


Germany [84]

Domestic policy

Reel №2

7. Germany.

Plants Simmons.

Making huge turbine-generator for Manchukuo Go.

Processing operations details.

Working for the implementation of the various operations.

8. Germany.

Sculptor Arno Broker.

Model 50-meter sculpture to Berlin.

Sculptor at work.

Details of the monument. "Grace" - a sculpture for the new Reich Chancellery.

9. France.


German pilots skating rink closed in French.

10. Italy.

Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Competitions 13 countries in winter sports.

Parade participants.

Dancing on Ice, a pair of figure skaters.

Ski Jumping.


11. Germany.

Training nurses in the highlands.

Transportation "wounded."

Descent "wounded" in the gorge.

The wounded were taken to the hospital.

12. Germany.

Return of combat aircraft to their base after the mission.

Comrades greet fliers handed them flowers.

The bomber takes off on a new assignment.

The machine in the air.

The radio operator communicates with the base.

The crew in the cockpit.

The bomber is sent to the English coast.

Noticed British freighter.

The attack, the bombing of the British vessel.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Continued flight.

Fragments of air combat with the British.

Shoot gun.

Float British submarine, a direct hit by a bomb in a submarine.


Germany [84] Italy [110] France [77]

Industry; Sport; Air force