Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 690

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

German architect Wilhelm Kreis at work in his studio.

Speaker to appoint him chairman of the Imperial Chamber of Fine Arts.

Projects of restructuring and renovation of Berlin.

Draft Hall of Honor of German soldiers in Berlin.

Bismarck Tower. 2. Poland.

General Government.

Holiday German students - participants in the war.

On vacation, wounded bask in the sun.

Wounded in the body, they are writing letters, reading books, playing chess.

Lunch in the dining room.

Sport exercises.

Swimming in the pool.

3. Germany.

The arrival of the French volunteer players in the German camp for joint military training.

Oath, vow to fight against Bolshevism.

4. Austria.

Competitions members of the "Hitler Youth" - the future signalers - for orientation in the field.

Young communicators pull relationship.

Signalman-fixer on a pole.

Establishing a connection.

Artur Axmann present at the exercises. 5. Germany.


Palace of Sports.

Fragments of the hockey game. 6. France.

Atlantic Coast.

The arrival of the Japanese Ambassador Oshima.

He inspects the construction of the Atlantic Wall.

German officers give explanations Oshima.

Farewell after inspection.

Oshima is forgiven with officers from a car window.

7. In the harbor in the Arctic Ocean.

The arrival of the ship with supplies for the Wehrmacht.

Unloading spetsavtomashin, sledge, ski.

Planes in the air, they bombed the Soviet positions.

Preparing for winter: insulation of houses, repairing roofs, cleaning of the territory.

Soldiers drink cod liver oil, frowning.

Colonel General Eduard Dietl inspects the German fortifications in Lapland.

He's a friendly dinner with the officers.

Awarding officer Knight's Cross. 8. USSR. Eastern Front.

District Krivoy Rog.

The effects of heavy fighting.

Destroyed military equipment.

German soldiers eating, using the respite in the fighting.

The German general at the forefront. 9. USSR. The central section of the eastern front, west of Smolensk.

The battles with the advancing Soviet troops.

The Germans are shot.

German aircraft bombed positions of Soviet troops.





World War II; Architects; Life and leisure; Political figures; Sport; Youth; Sea and river transport

Reel №2

1. The central section of the Eastern Front, west of Smolensk.

The battles with the advancing Soviet troops.

Bombs are flying on Soviet positions. "Shtukas" in combat, the view from the cockpit to the Russian position, bombings.

2. Italy.

The arrival of German armored reinforcements to the south of the Italian front.

German tanks moving along the winding mountain roads towards the front line.

The attack enemy bombers on a bridge in the area in front Altorno.

German anti-aircraft guns to repel the attacks.

Downed American plane, it falls 50 meters from the battery.

In one of the Italian towns.

After the air raid, German soldiers clearing the streets.

In those places where the enemy manages to win a couple of kilometers, it explodes all military facilities.

The explosion of the railway.

The infantry moves to the new position.

Installation tools.

Mountain Arrow kept the defense on one of the roads.

Opponent throws the offensive large force.

Under the fire of German troops attack stopped.

The bridge across the river takes off right in front of the enemy. 3. Greece.

Aegean Sea.

The German garrison on one of the islands captured from the British.

Delivery to the military base of equipment, machinery, provisions.

The island's capital, with a view of the sea.

German guns, ready to repel enemy attacks. 4. Germany.

At large distances, the Mediterranean has successfully fulfilled the task a powerful new transport aircraft shestimotorny Giant "- the achievement of the Messerschmitt factories.

It is on the ground and in flight.


Airplane in flight, the music of Wagner.

Landing at the airport.

The crew of the aircraft.

Unloading of tanks, artillery., Armored vehicles and soldiers.

5. Germany.

Grand Admiral Doenitz and armaments minister Speer visiting the naval equipment.

The squadron speedboats conducting mock attacks.

Explosions educational depth charges.

Reflection simulated enemy attack.

The convoy - the second goal of the exercises, the attack.

Doenitz and officers are watching the progress of the maneuvers.

Submarines in starting positions, immersion.

Speer on one of the submarines, he compartments at the periscope.

Next in water indicates a torpedo.

Target Practice.

A break in the action, Speer officers drinking wine.

Boats float.

After the end of the maneuvers of the boat sent back to base.

Captain 3rd Rank Reinhard Zuren with Doenitz and Speer.





World War II; Fleet; Military exercises and maneuvers; Air force