Soviet Ural Mountains № 7 (1986)

Newsreel №55819, 1 part, duration: 0:09:36
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Bajnov V.
Camera operators:Batrak A., Denisov V., Kuzmich M., Monastirskij V.
Text authors:Makarov N.


1. From Urengoy to Yamburg. 2. Scientific and technical progress. 3. Two Captains.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. From Urengoy to Yamburg.

Hoarfrost on branches.

Multi-storey house Urengoy, people in the courts.

In the yard working excavator, steam rises from the hatch.

People walk past the bus stand, a car drives.

Post office.

The street is a group of schoolchildren.

Welcome to the building of the railway station.

Arriving passenger train.

The man looks up.

There is a railway track laying.

A person working.

Construction trailers.

Interior layout trailer.

Builders discussing the work plans.

On the track surveyor works.

Dump trucks and bulldozers form a mound under the sheet.

View of the loading platforms.

Unloading and stacking sections of the railway.

Blue connect sections together.

Alternation: train wheels, fitting and alignment of sleepers.

Those workers.

Locomotive rides the rails.

View Yamburg.

Pointer at the entrance to the village, passing by truck.

Residential trailers shift workers (shooting from the car).

Work gives signals.

The load on the crane.

Near trailers welder works.

Man climbs the steps and enters the house.

Those workers.

Lit gas flare, smoke spreading over the earth.

2. Scientific and technical progress.

Engineering company of "Kurganselmash."

Workers in the shops of the plant.

Experts foundry.

Finished parts.

The opening of the new shop December 25, 1985.

The first casting.

The operator with the camera.

On the podium of the Chief of Staff of the building, chief engineer A.V.Afanaskinu handed a symbolic key.

The workers listened to a speech A.V.Afanaskina.

Workers in the shops of the plant.

3. Two Captains.

Service fuel the Soviet Army.

The unit is preparing for tactical exercises, exercise is the commander N.Savrasov.

Carriages line up in front of cars.

Soldier gives signals.

The driver sits in the cockpit.

The car moves off.

Burning truck.

Soldiers extinguish a fire.

Report N.Savrasovu.

Filling fuel tankers.

The convoy of fuel trucks on the road. N.Savrasov with the driver in the cab.

On the road going tanker.

A fragment of an interview with N.Savrasovym.


Chronicle of the Afghan war:

By burning the land go riders.

Volleys of mortars.

Dushman shoots a machine gun.

Soldiers in the trenches fire rifles.

Alternating photographs, running soldiers N.Savrasov.

Military surgeon A.P.Karelin talking with colleagues and M.I.Nikulinym V.G.Pyazhko.

A fragment of an interview with A.P.Karelinym.

Chronicle of the Afghan war:

Ruined house.

People are carrying a woman on a stretcher.

View of the street from the ceilings of the house.

Wounded in the hospital.

A column of trucks on the road.

Surgeons preparing for surgery.

There is an operation.

And worked as a surgeon M.I.Nikulin V.G.Pyazhko.

Behind the scenes story continues A.P.Karelina.

Tells V.G.Pyazhko.

Doctors examine the patient in the ward. A.P.Karelin with colleagues talking in the corridor.

A fragment of an interview with A.P.Karelinym.

The command post of the fuel service, communications at work.

N.Savrasov sends a message. M.I.Nikulin. A.P.Karelin.

Calendar: 1980s 12/25/1985

Locations: Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug [819] Kurgan [884]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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