Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 651

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Producer UFA

Reel №1


Mass rally at the Sports Palace in Berlin.

Speech Goebbels declare "total war" of Germany on all fronts.

It is reproduced in part in the direct recording, partially in the retelling speaker.

Ovation Hall, shouts of approval, in the hall of the delegation of women, war, wounded.

Speer in the hall, the Japanese delegation.

Above the stage the slogan "Total War - fast war."

Hall chanting: "The Fuhrer, ordering, we will go with you!" Sounds anthem, a close-up of the Nazi eagle.

Political figures

Reel №2

The southern section of the Eastern Front in the area of the Donets.

Go defensive battles.

The Germans cut down telegraph poles.

Retreating German troops from carts on horses and camels.

Civilians, moving along with the retreating units.

SS battalion in the trenches.

The rise in German air balloon tethered to the intelligence, communication with him.

Germans roll out the heavy guns firing at the village.

Snowstorm, a German soldier covers his face with his hands from the cold, frozen eyelashes.

Street fighting in the village.

Destroyed buildings.

Broken Soviet tanks.

Marines in the attack.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers, covered with snow.

Messerschmitt bf109g roll out to the runway.

The pilot sits in the cockpit.

Rise Messerschmitt 109. The bombers in the air against the sky.

Bombing at low level flight.

The explosions on the ground Messerschmitt in the air.

The bombardment of ground targets from an airplane.

Air battle with Soviet aircraft.

The shots and hitting the Yak.

Game story about Thomas.

Sketch on the theme of the need to save fuel gas in the household.

Thomas gets out of bed, doing exercises, goes to the kitchen and saw that the mistress of burning gas, has not yet begun to prepare.

Thomas criticizes her for extravagance

Key words

bf109g bf 109 me109



World War II

Reel №3

4. North Africa.

Map of Africa, Tunisia.

Delivery of fresh reinforcements for the army in Tunisia Rommel.

Unloading military equipment at the port.

Cannons on the tower crane.

Gunners are busy with fishing, visiting them.

German planes in the air, they are above the sea.

German ships, submarines, shore visible.

View Bizerte.

With the ships arriving at the port, go reinforcements.

Unloading of tanks, equipment, weapons.

The movement of the column of German tanks to the front line in the direction of the city of Gabes, riding trucks.

Crossroads with pointers adjuster.

View from the plane of the city of Gabes, the typical construction of the Muslim city.

German soldiers in the ancient fortress, visit the valley from the hill.

Construction of field fortifications German soldiers digging trenches.

Soldiers dug a cave.

Ready-trench installation of a machine gun.

Marshal Rommel on the front of the soldiers.

German artillery shells carry.

Shoot anti-aircraft guns, explosions on enemy positions.


Mass recruitment of women to work in munitions factories in Nazi Germany.

The call for women on the wall of the building.

Women at the labor exchange fill out questionnaires.

They are in factories, workshops, shops.

Women in the shops, grind the shells.

Key words

StuG Marder Panzerkampfwagen IV PzKpfw



North African campaign