Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 533

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1. Manchukuo.

Jiangjin City, the construction in the capital of Manchukuo.

The Chinese are the logs are rocker with sand.

The street trishaw lucky woman.

Types of buildings in the city.

On the road passing rickshaw, wagons with horses, cars.

2. Indochina.

Japanese troops enter Indochina petenovskim by agreement with the French government.

Above the port planes are flying.

On the ship rises representative of the French troops.

Japanese and French officers in the negotiations.

Japanese troops enter the town of Dong Dang, riding tanks.

The fighting in the mountains, shoot guns.

Japanese Lyanzung enter the city, the troops are on the mountain road.

3. The Netherlands.

Dutch fascists march through the streets of Amsterdam.

The parade takes Dutch Nazi leader Anton Mussert.

Go young fascists.

Playing a military band.

Residents pulled his hands in a Nazi salute.

4. Slovakia.

Tatra, Slovak children from the fascist organizations are experiencing a model gliders.

Gliders in flight, a top view onto the ground.

5. Germany.


Competitions gymnasts in Germany and Finland Doychlandhalle.

Opening ceremony, the parade of athletes.

Various events on the horse, horizontal bar, parallel bars, gymnastics men.

6. Germany.

Radio House in Berlin.

Mourning ceremony on the occasion of the death of the head of the Saarland Broadcasting Adolf Ruskin.

An honor guard at the tomb, an orchestra.

Goebbels lays the coffin Cross of Merit 1st Class.

Wreaths from Goebbels, on radio Stuttgart, Vienna.

The coffin with flowers.

7. Germany.


Reception at the Ministry of Propaganda Goebbels workers - Knights Cross of Merit from all regions of Germany.

Working men and women are sent to the Ministry, to be greeted Goebbels and Dr.


Feast for the workers, they are at the table, the workers are Dr.

Todt, Goebbels.

The workers go to the Reich Chancellery for a meeting with the Führer.

Hitler shakes hands working women, conversing with them, next to him and Todd Ley.

Hitler bypasses guests.


Goebbels, Hitler




China, Netherlands, Germany

Pacific War; Political figures
World War II; History; Biography; Policy

Reel №2

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8. Germany.

Molotov's visit to Berlin (12-13.11.1940).

The solemn meeting, to assist him at the station, Ribbentrop Atmosphere.

Molotov bypass the guard of honor.

Traveling by car to Berlin.

Molotov at the reception of Hitler's Reich Chancellery.

Meeting Molotov, Hitler and Goering.

9. Construction of roads in the "General Government" (occupied Poland).

The car rides on the dirt.

Crushed gravel, ice rink, gravel enters the conveyor, carry in wheelbarrows.

The new road.

10. Poland.

The emergence of a new workers' settlement in Poznan, house building, on the roof of a holiday wreath with ribbons, builders Croutes roof.

11. Germany.

Evacuation of children from Berlin and Hamburg in the countryside.

Children with Nazi flags sit in the train.

The train arrives at the station Vatergau on carts driven children to boarding school, boarding school pupils have breakfast.

Children help adults in the field work.

The boarding school for girls in Bavaria.

Lesson sewing, entertaining games in nature, dream.

12. Germany.

Night British air raid on Berlin.

The rays of spotlights rummage through the sky.

Defensive actions of the anti-aircraft battery.

Remains of downed British bombers, fallen in the vicinity of Berlin.

13. Germany.

The funeral ceremony of commemoration of students who died in the First World War, the cemetery of Langemark.

Hitler, General Brauchitsch and Baldur von Schirach lay wreaths on the graves.

Bypassing the ranks of troops of honor.


Molotov, Ribbentrop




Germany, Poland

World War II; Political figures
History; Biography; Policy

Reel №3

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Officers are commissioned soldiers.

The Nazi flag at the graves, crosses.

14. The graves of German soldiers in Norway, Holland, France (the Marne) and other countries.

The dates on the graves - April, May 1940.

The church, a winter forest, river.

Crosses with helmets.

Crosses of the Marne.

15. The military operations of tank units of the Wehrmacht.

Soldiers with appliances, collect platform flooring.

Tanks are ready for the crossing, the tanks in the city.

A column of tanks moving on the open countryside.

16. The German anti-aircraft battery on the English Channel.

Trouble is, the soldiers took place on the battery, load a gun, putting the target.

Porters run with shells.

Cannons fired.

17. Atlantic.

Flying German planes over the Atlantic.

Ships at sea.

Aircraft bombed the enemy transports.

Lit ship.

Gunner with the machine gun in the cockpit.

British ships are burning.



World War II; Air force
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation