Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 556

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Reel №1

1. The German ship in the North Sea.

Greek ship.

Admission crew on the German ship.

Destruction of the Greek vessel.

Captured German piano overloaded ship.

The explosion on a sinking ship Greek, it goes to the bottom.

Captured sailors of all nationalities.

The next enemy ship: Armed frahter English.

The team transplanted into the boat.

Destruction frahtera artillery fire.

Admission crew frahtera on board the German ship.

Sinking frahter.

Works chronicles the military operator.

Waving a Nazi flag.

2. North Africa.

Food Delivery German units in Africa.

Reflection of the German anti-aircraft gunners attack British bombers.

The remains of a downed British bombers.

General Geissler award Iron Crosses distinguished German soldiers.

Sits German light aircraft, arrival of General Rommel.

He discusses the situation with military officers.

German tanks and equipment on their way to Sollum.

Italian and German troops are going to attack the British.

The enemy retreats.

Burning English armored car.

British prisoners.

German cars and motorcycles in the desert.

Key words

Sd. Kfz.222



Fleet; North African campaign

Reel №2

3. Operations in Yugoslavia.

German units will boost the Danube.

Captured locomotives.

The rise of the Nazi flag.

After the capitulation of Yugoslavia.

Surrender to Serb soldiers, prisoners are searched.

Prisoners follow the camp.

Distribution of the prisoners food.

The entry of German troops in the Bosnian town.

Local people, Muslim women.

The rise of the German flag.


Removal of a memorial plaque in honor of Gavrilo Princip - the killer of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914.

4. Greece.

German Wehrmacht moves to the Aegean Sea.

German cars, motorcyclists.

In the Greek city of Kabbalah.

The arrival of German troops to the island Pagos.

The Italian side go Greco-Albanian border.

The shelling of the Greek position.

Division "Adolf Hitler" in the battles of Yanninoy.

The connection of German and Italian troops.

The Germans and Italians in front of the camera.

April 23, 1941 comes the surrender of the Macedonian army.

General sheet at the ceremony of surrender.

German troops on their way to Thessaly.

Soldiers in the campaign.

German engineers restore the destroyed bridge.

The Germans fired at the British compound.

German engineering is moving.

German planes in the air.

The shelling of the Greek airport.

Shooting from the air.



World War II

Reel №3

5. Military operations in Greece.

German troops enter Latakia.

Tanks in the streets, residents welcomed the Germans.

Captured by the British.

Padded British tanks.

Division SS "Adolf Hitler" to continue the offensive.

Abandoned British machinery.

German tanks stepping up the river.

German planes in the air.

Speaker of the successes of German aircraft.

German flying bombs on target.

Sunken British ship.

Flying bomb.

Burning an English ship.

The pilot in the cockpit of a German aircraft.

Pointer to Termopilu.

German troops on the road to Athens.

April 27, 1941 the city is captured.

The Nazi flag over the Acropolis.

The entry of German troops in Athens.

Germans on the streets of the Greek capital.



World War II