During the 80th parallel (1958)

Documentary №55960, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:00
Production: LSDF
Camera operators:Vajgachev A.
Text authors:Lanskij M.


The film tells about a hydrographic expedition to Franz Josef Land.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A man with a hand-held movie camera on a rocky seashore.

Arkhangelsk, the port, there are ships.

Preparation for the departure of the Arctic expedition to Franz Josef Land.

Members of the expedition (hydrographers) in the port, they are filmed on camera.

The head of the expedition is Pavel Yakovlevich Mikhailenko, the ship's captain is Vasily Vasilyevich Pustoshnik.

A puppy on the shore.

The ship sails from the pier, the mourners wave.

View from the ship to the pier.

A ship at sea (different plans).

Ostrava of Novaya Zemlya.

Members of the expedition on the shore.

The carcasses of belugas are transported to the ship.

Barents Sea-storm, waves, pieces of ice floes.

The peaks of the Franz Josef Land archipelago.

Icebergs in the water (different plans).

The ship is sailing between the ice floes.

There is a polar bear on the ice floe.

The ship "Moryana" is trying to approach the shore.

They blow up the ice.

The bear runs away on the ice floe, jumps into the water.


Walruses on an ice floe.

Birds fly near the rocks.

Bird market.

There are flowers on the rocks (grits).

"Moryana" enters the straits of the archipelago, goes along the coast.

Panorama of the ice.

Hayes Island, the polar station (the scientific base of Soviet polar explorers) - a panorama of the buildings.

Polar explorers on the shore install equipment, explore and map the area of the island.

A helicopter takes off.

A sleigh with a team of dogs is going.

The boat sails from the shore.

Polar explorers on board the boat.

Views of the shores of the archipelago (shooting from a boat).

A ship at sea.

Polar explorers on the ship are engaged in research, collect data, mark the underwater danger with the help of a buoy.

The boat is floating among the ice floes.

Polar explorers land on the shore, climb to the top, in order to build one of the geodetic points there.

In the frame, the members of the expedition are the head of the party Kozlovich, the engineer - surveyor Martynenko, the mechanic Ivanov, kayur Dementianov.

Polar explorers install equipment on the top of the mountain - a special tower.

Panorama of the village "Druzhny" on the island of Hayes.

A weather station in the village.

In the frame, the head of the meteorological service, Rimma Govorova, examines the instruments, writes down the data.

Aerologists are preparing to launch a radio probe.

Large-radio locator.

The flight of the probe through the optical theodolite is monitored by a member of the expedition - Vera Arkhipova.

Radio engineer Evgeny Demidov at the control panel-monitors the signal and records data.

A snow storm begins in the village.

Dogs hide from the wind.

Employees work in the station's premises-devices are being prepared for the next research, the received data are being decoded and analyzed.

Nikolai Kuzin is observing the Northern Lights.

Radio operator Andrey Kuznetsov at work.

A snow-covered house in the village.

Key words

Expedition, polar explorers

Locations: Arctic [941]


Franz Josef Land, Hayes Island

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Dawn, the polar station.

Hydrographers work with instruments.

An all-terrain vehicle is driving.

Transfer of polar explorers from Hayes Island to Graham Bell Island.

Surveyors unload a sign on the tower.

Unloading of the aircraft.

The head of the expedition Mikhailenko and the pilot Nikitin discuss the route of the next flight.


Loading dogs into the plane.

The plane is being launched.

The plane takes off.

Aerial view of the archipelago-Franz Josef Land-ice, mountains, icebergs in the water.

Hydrographers on the shore begin preparatory work on the study of the sea depths.

A drill drills a hole in the ice.

Hydrographers make measurements, record data.

A member of the expedition looks through binoculars, behind him is a plane.

The hydrograph drills the ice.

Polar explorers on dog sleds return to the field camp.

Camp plans - tents, there are skis nearby.

A polar explorer washes himself on the street from a suspended washbasin.

The members of the expedition are sitting near the tents, drinking tea.


Polar explorers skate on the ice.

A football match between polar explorers-the teams "Rocket" and "Vyushka" play.

A polar bear appears, a dog barks at him.

The polar explorers continue the match.

The bear runs away, the dogs catch up with him.

A group of polar explorers with cubs.

A plane in the sky.

Polar explorers meet the plane.

The plane lands.

Boxes are unloaded from the plane.

The application plan is Leningrad.

Different types of the city.

In the offices, scientists and researchers study the materials sent by the expedition.

Calculating machines and various devices are used in the work.

Navigation maps are compiled.

Printing house-maps are printed.

Employees of the printing house consider the printed map.


Dog sleds are driving through the snow, a ship is in the background.

Plans with a ship in the ice.

Key words

Expedition, polar explorers

Locations: Arctic [941] Leningrad [848]


Franz Josef Land, Hayes Island, Graham Bell Island

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