Liberation of Poland. (1945)

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Scene №1 Liberation of Poland

Kind of an old building from the window of a ruined house in the area of ​​one of the Polish cities.

Panorama of the prison.

General view of the torture chamber.

View the torture machine.

Towels hang on a hanger.

On a stool lay rubber gloves and instruments of torture.

View torturous part of the machine with a groove for draining blood.

The drain hole in the floor under the torture machine.

Polish girl is talking to Soviet soldiers.

Photos of dead relatives in the hands of man.

Those people looking at the bodies of relatives who were tortured in the dungeons of the fascist.

Corpses lay on a stretcher.

People take out the corpse on a stretcher into the prison yard.

Weeping women.

The bodies of Poles who were tortured by the Nazis.

Weeping women.

View of one of the bodies.

Weeping Woman.

People are looking at the corpses lying.

The column of German prisoners are on the street of one of the Polish cities.

Man runs to the column of prisoners and begins to beat them on horseback passes a Soviet guard.

German prisoners run chase through the city streets, people are trying to beat them.

People crowd ran after the column of prisoners, Polish soldiers and fighters of the People's Militia displace them.

An activist of the new Polish government hands out leaflets to people.

Elderly man sticks a poster with the government's message on the street cabinet.

People read a message.

People look out from the windows of the house open, hang the Polish national flag.

Children in the open window of the house listening to the gramophone, by the window is a Soviet officer.

Those women.

Women talk with Soviet soldiers.

The school watchman opens the door of the school and provides a call to change, to the yard sprint disciples.

The guard has a hammer in a bell.

Students and teachers are facing the courtyard.

Children have fun and dance in a circle in the schoolyard.

Children lead dances in the town square.

Nurses assist lying on a stretcher Soviet officer.

The nurse finishes dressing, harbor officer tunic.

Nurse bandaging the wounded soldier's head.

Nurse helps keep a soldier wounded in the leg.

Nurses carry the officer on a stretcher, a nurse bandaging the wounded soldier.

Planting injured in an ambulance.

Volunteers patrol the Polish People's Militia in the ruins of buildings.

The patrol walks through the ruins.

Undermining the remnants of damaged buildings Soviet sappers.

Sappers from the field telephone.

The face of one of the sappers.

The soldier said into the phone.

Sappers of the wall of the building.

Undermining of unexploded ordnance.

Officers from the field telephone.

Officer reports on the situation on the phone.

General on the command and observation post receives the report of the subordinate on the phone.

Officers from the telescope.

The general oversees military operations through the telescope.

Soviet artillery crew charges the heavy gun.

The telephone data transmission prepare for shooting.

Calculation howitzers firing at the enemy.

Heavy guns firing over open sights.

General view of the approaches to the German outpost.

Heavy guns firing point-blank range through the hole in the concrete fence.

Gunners load a gun.

The battery of howitzers firing at the enemy.

Heavy guns firing point-blank range through the hole in the concrete fence.

Breaks on the ground targets.

Calculation howitzers firing point-blank range.

The gunner opens the bolt gun after firing.

Bandaging the wounded head of medical corps officer.

The gunners firing at the enemy direct fire.

Shooting guns.

Smoke on the site of the target after the shelling.

Flying Soviet planes.

The face of the pilot in the cockpit.

General view of the destroyed buildings (above).

Attacking the Soviet attack aircraft "IL-2".

View the burning of the German strong point (the top).

Attack attack aircraft.

View the burning of the village (above).

Attack attack aircraft.

Calculation of heavy guns firing over open sights.

Soviet soldiers are preparing to cross the area during a street fight.

The gunners firing at the enemy.

View of the ruined fortress, taken by Soviet troops.

Heavy guns into position.

Soviet soldiers eat porridge from the pot and treat porridge Polish boy.

Machine gunners firing at the enemy.

German tanks had broken ramparts, one of the tanks, fortified white flag.

View of the fortress destroyed by Soviet artillery.

Waving a red flag.

Types of ruined fortifications.

Captured German soldiers are under escort.

The prisoners are held on the fortress wall.

The commandant of the fortress and the officers of his staff are accompanied by Soviet officers on the streets.

Commandant supplied to the corpse lying on a stretcher for his identification, a Soviet colonel asks questions.

The commandant and his officers inspected the corpse, to answer questions of the Soviet colonel.

Face captive commandant of the fortress.

Persons captured German officers.

Captured German soldiers and officers are on the streets.

Red Flag flying over one of the ruined forts to take the fortress.

Soviet tanks drive through the streets of one of the Polish cities.

Signpost distances to Berlin and Moscow.

The girl's face-regulirovschitsy movement, standing next to the pointer.

Soviet heavy tank rides on the street.

Flying Soviet planes.

View of the Oder River (top).

Flying Soviet planes.









World War II; Army; Vistula-Oder operation