From the Vistula to the Oder. (1945)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Belyaev V.

Anouncers: Hmara L.

Text writers: Smirnitskij Yu.


The liberation by Soviet troops of the Polish cities of Warsaw, Poznan.

World War II | Battles of World War II


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Soviet tanks drive past burning houses.

Cavalry moves through the city past the burning buildings.

View of the Vistula River.

Soviet troops stepping up the Vistula.

Artillery fire support ferried troops.

Infantry Division crossed the Vistula, on the opposite shore visible breaks from Soviet missiles.

Soviet amphibious assault to come ashore Vistula, the soldiers jump out of the cars.

Artillery calculation of firing at the enemy.

Artillery officer gives the command, firing a weapon.

Soviet artillery fire on the enemy.

Marines are moving under enemy fire.

The soldiers cut the barbed wire.

Minesweeper sets box next to the mine detected.

Marshals of the Soviet Union GK Zhukov and KK Rokossovsky together with staff officers view map of hostilities.

Rokossovsky and Zhukov discussed the operational situation, watched the airplanes.

Soviet infantry attack.

Soviet soldiers raised in the attack.

Marines run past antitank fortifications.

Zhukov's command post.

Zhukov over the map of hostilities.

German barbed wire.

Defensive structures of the German strong point.

View of a portion of the concrete cover.

German anti-tank facilities on one of the lines of defense.

View German Pillbox (bunker).

View of the buildings of the fortress Modlin.

Map showing the plans of the Soviet command (animation).

Soviet artillery fire on the enemy.

Armored artillery firing.

Battery Fires rocket launchers.

Artillery firing at the enemy.

Flying Soviet planes.

Artillery, nestled in the forest fires.

The explosions of shells, covering the goal.

Solid German technology.

The corpses of German soldiers.

Broken German anti-aircraft guns.

Broken German technology.

Soviet soldiers from the battlefield makes a wounded comrade.

Soviet infantry attacks.

The artillery battery at the firing position near the statue of firing at the enemy.

Infantry attacks with artillery support.

The explosion near the house.

View shelled the village.

Map promotion of Soviet troops in the Vistula-Oder operation (animation).

Polish and Soviet soldiers are hoisting of the national flag of Poland Warsaw.

The person of the Polish soldier.

Soviet and Polish soldiers congratulate each other after the hoisting of the flag.

The face of a Soviet soldier.

Polish officer salutes.

Soviet and Polish soldiers stand guard of honor at the Polish flag.

Soviet-Polish honor guard at the Polish flag.

View of a street after the liberation of Warsaw.

Types of destroyed neighborhoods and buildings in Warsaw.

Statue of a lion, injured by shrapnel.

Types of destroyed neighborhoods of Warsaw.

Damaged and destroyed historical monuments of Warsaw.

Types Warsaw street with destroyed buildings.

View of the former "Adolf Hitler Square" is riddled with bullets tram.

The inscription on the tram "Only for Germans" in Polish.

The surviving statues around the building.

Types of destroyed historic buildings of Warsaw, on one of them, a memorial plaque in honor of T. Kosciuszko

Bas Chopin on the wall of the destroyed building.

A man sits on the ruins, next things are surviving.

The man's face.

Ruined church.

People make their way through the ruins.

Weeping Woman is the ruins of the house.

People are moving through the destruction of the railway bridge.

View of the bridge.

People are returning to Warsaw, are on the streets with Polish flags.

The representative of the new government is talking to women.

Those women.

The girl kisses a Polish soldier.

A girl and a soldier talking.

Parts of the 1st Polish Army solemn march through the streets of Warsaw, January 19, 1945.

The commander of the 1st Polish Army, General SG Poplawski welcomes the passing troops.

The troops pass in front of the podium, which are representatives of the new Polish government.

Those members of the government.

Parts of the 1st Polish Army are on the streets of Warsaw.

The officer saluted.

Passes unit gunners.

Warsaw residents welcomed the soldiers.

The girl's face.

Parts of the 1st Polish Army in the parade through the streets of Warsaw.

Soviet aircraft flying to the West.


Georgy Zhukov - commander
Rokossovsky Konstantin - commander
Stanislaw Poplawski Gilyarovich - Polish commander


01.1945 01/19/1945





Generals and war heroes; Vistula-Oder operation
Biography; World War II; History

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