Voice from Space (1959)

Documentary №56348, 1 part, duration: 0:09:57
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:G. Cvetkov
Screenwriters:V. Petrov
Camera operators:I. Volodarskij
Sound mixer:R. Levitina
Painter:V. Schelkov
Other authors:V. Demin


The first exploration of outer space with the help of spacecraft.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fragment 1. "The Conquest of Space".

Layout of the stella " To the Conquerors of Space"

Movie title

Outer space, the moon.

Planet Earth.

An artificial satellite is heading towards Earth.

Outer space, satellite movement.

Radio transmission towers.

Monument to the creator of radio A. S. Popov.

The first devices from the Radio museum.

Snow-covered forest clearing, scientists are preparing to launch a balloon with a radiosonde.

Launching a radiosonde into the sky.

Detailed consideration of the radiosonde, its components.

Operation of the temperature sensor, data transmission to the switch.

The work of a woman on the switchboard.

A balloon with a radiosonde in the sky.

Panorama of the cosmodrome, rocket launch.

Scientists conduct rocket research.

Scientific developments, new measurement systems.

Radio engineers in the laboratory study the transmission of scientific data by radio.

The scientist works with a telemetric temperature sensor.

Temperature sensors and sound modulators, data transmission via radio.

The scientist receives the signals.

Fragment 2. "Biological exploration of space".

Women in white coats bring dogs on leashes into the room, lead them along the corridor.

Dogs are the first conquerors of Space.

The work of a scientist with a piezoelectric sensor.

Working with the record player.

With the help of a piezo sensor, the dog's pulse is measured.

Snow-covered alley, a woman makes a run with a dog on a leash.

Measurement of the pulse of an animal after physical exertion.

Scientists use sensors to measure the temperature of the dog.

Frequency and pulse modulators.

The dog is prepared for a flight into space, dressed in special uniforms.

The dog is placed in the rocket compartment.

Sensor readings.

The electronic switchboard transmits data on the animal's condition and scientific measurements.

Scientists examine the data.

The data for decryption is filmed on film.

Fragment 3. "The first interplanetary flight".

VDNH, Pavilion of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

The Space Museum at VDNH, the public views the exhibits.

The guide tells about the first artificial satellites of the earth.

Technical equipment of satellites.

Outer space, an artificial satellite makes a flight.

Moscow, panorama of Red Square.

A copy of the newspaper Pravda, on the front page of the article: "The first successful interplanetary flight".

Outer space, rocket flight to the moon.

Scientists are tracking the flight with the help of astronomical instruments.

Outer space, the flight of the first Soviet space rocket.

The space lab is sending out signals.

Scientists process data on the switches.

Young people watch the radio broadcast.

The happy face of a teenager wearing headphones.

Fragment 4. "Artificial comet".

A major flare in outer space.

Muscovites at the newspaper stand.

Panorama of the Moscow roadway, a crowd of people listening to a radio broadcast.

Outer space, the movement of an artificial comet.

Against the background of the roadway, Muscovites listen to the radio.

Tense faces of people of different ages and nationalities.

Planet Earth is in motion.

Open space, a monument to an artificial comet.

Key words

space, artificial satellite, radio, artificial comet, moon


A.S. Popov - russkij uchenij, izobretatelj radio

Locations: Moscow, cosmodrome, outer space


VDNKh, Research centers, Artificial Satellite

Seasons: Winter [823] Snow [834]

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