Cattle Breeding in the Soviet Union (1962)

Documentary №5647, 1 part, duration: 0:05:15, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Kulagina K.


About cattle breeding (sheep breeding, poultry farming, etc.) in the USSR, about mechanization in this field.

Reel №1

Landscape of the Midland - LS.

A herd of cows on the background of cattle farm, in a meadow - LS.

Field corn grown for animal feed.

Combine corn and grinds removes a lot of green for silage.

Mountains corncobs - LS.

Khrushchev inspects feed crop "Siberian mallow."

Cows in a well stanchion barns.

The cows in the barn with loose housing.

Milking cows in the milking unit.

Tanker "Milk" at the barn - MS.

The highway tanks are "Milk» - MS.

Tanks "Milk" in the dairy.

Automatic filling bottles with milk.

Automatic packages engine curd cheese.

Pipelining moving metal mesh with bottles filled with milk - LS.

The laboratory verified fat milk.

Academician Lysenko on a dairy farm.

Pigs in an open paddock - LS.

Pig goes round fodder for the cable car paddocks.

Sow with piglets in the cell.

Pigs in a sty with bezstanochnym content - LS.

Preparation of feed for pigs in mechanized kitchen.

Pigs eating from mechanized feeders.

Ducks on the pond - LS.

Eggs roll down the chute in the house to the sorting machine - LS., MS.

Excretion chicks in the incubator.

Hatched chick running around the eggs in an incubator.

Packing chickens for transportation.

Merino sheep - CU.

A flock of sheep on a mountain pasture - LS.

Sheep shearing elektronozhnitsami.

Pastoralists are laid out to dry karakul pelts.

Samples dressed karakul pelts - CU.

Sort karakul pelts.

Construction of residential houses in rural areas by industrial methods.

Farmer's family for dinner in the new comfortable apartment.

Street of new houses farmers - LS.

New, not populated, apartment house for farmers.

Collective building of the Palace of Culture.

Inside view of the Palace of Culture, with columns in the lobby.

Girls from amateur preparing for the show.

The collective farmers are reading in the library.


Herds to pasture.

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