Fox Toenende Wochenschau № 28 (1935)

Newsreel №56547, 1 part, duration: 0:11:14
Production: Foks

Reel №1

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1. Berlin celebrates the NSDAP. 11000th rally in an open area.

Before aligned forces are higher ranks.

Square decorated with Nazi symbols.

Goebbels on the podium.

Representatives of the troopers. 2. Repair Washington Bridge.

Washington Bridge, connecting New York to New Jersey, from the air.

Workers produce work at a height of 110 m.

Construction of the bridge.

Working down the rope. 3. Navy Day in Japan.

Victory Day Japanese troops at Port Arthur.

Tokyo, a military parade.

Marsh Orchestra.

Spectators with flags.

Columns of the sailors on the streets.

Japanese sailboat.

The men climb the mast, pull the rope.

The deployment of the sails.

Sailboat coming under full sail.

4. Veterans of the First World War in France at the monument to fallen soldiers.

Hindenburg read it.

The French lay a wreath.

The proof of the absence of hatred for the former enemy the French welcome troopers.

5. Albatross - a talisman of fishermen from Zyuderzee.

Fishing trawler at sea.

Fishermen are fed from the hands of albatrosses.

Albatross in the air.

A fisherman on the deck keeps for albatross wings, releases into the wild.

6. Test of patience.

The horses are trained to the various types of noise.

Trumpeters on horseback.

Riders and motorcyclists through one.

Motorcyclists are passing near the equestrian order.

7. Pick up the ring in boxing Noyzelem between Walter and Jack Petersen.

Noyzel knock Petersen. 8. Day of Air Force in England.

Planes in the air, perform aerobatics.

Planes with smoke plume.

Rise of several aircraft.

The aircraft sits on the belly. 9. Call the army.

Recruits to the medical board.

A doctor examines a draftee.

The conclusion of the medical commission.

Recruits are sent to the recruiting station.

Roll call.

Distribution of uniforms in the courtyard of the barracks.

Selection helmets recruits with a very large head.

Bath Day recruits wash their belongings, clean boots. 10. Race 1935. Hippodrome Horner Moor Gamburgom.70 by thousands of spectators.

Home riders.

Goebbels in the box for guests of honor.

The winner is the horse Shturmfogel.

Locations: Germany [84] USA [851] Japan [112] UK [232]

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