Fox Toenende Wochenschau № 37 (1935)

Newsreel №56550, 1 part, duration: 0:11:40
Production: Foks

Reel №1

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1. Mourning rally.


Funeral procession in the streets.

The square at the Brandenburg Gate.

Seeing off the last journey of the dead miners.

A guard of honor at the coffins lined up in a row.

Goebbels on the podium.

Residents of Berlin stand at the open pit where the accident occurred.

Soldiers, mining workers, workers of other services in uniform.

Laying wreaths.

A wreath from Hitler.

2. The funeral of Queen Astrid of Belgium.


Funeral procession in the square near the Brussels Castle.

Budula Cathedral.

King Leopold in the procession: his arm is in a sling, and there's a Band-Aid on his chin.

Women in mourning clothes.

People on the streets.

The clergy.

The coffin is carried out of the cathedral.

3. The English Channel disaster.

English warship "Remmelis", which in poor visibility collided with the German cargo ship"Eisenach".

The Eisenach is at anchor, a dent in the side.

4. Wildfires in America.

Northwestern United States.

The forest is burning.

The mountainside is on fire.

Rescue team on horseback.

5. The youngest golfer. 2-year-old Hemio Patiño scores a hole-in-one.

6. Comic struggle of fishermen.

The Riviera.

On the river in the city, two teams of fishermen on fishing boats are trying to throw off one of the rivals with poles.

7. Mobile exhibition for the Olympic Games.

A long caravan of interconnected wagons.

Inside the exhibition.

In one of the pavilions, there is a model of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area, where winter sports competitions will be held.

Speech by one of the organizers of the exhibition.

Expositions of pavilions.

Goebbels visits the exhibition.

Paintings on the Olympic theme.

8. Friendship competitions.

Berlin, stadium.

Competitions of teams from Italy, Japan, Sweden, Hungary and Germany.


Sprinters ' race.

Pole vault.

Japanese Neshida takes the height of 4.30 m.

The cheering of the stands.

Running with obstacles.

Goebbels among the audience.

9. Maneuvers of the Italian troops.

The town of Brenner on the northern border.

Motorcyclists ride on the bridge.

The gorge.

Self-propelled guns and infantry are moving along the road.

Among the commanders are King Victor Emmanuel and Mussolini.

Soldiers drag the gun.

The battery is firing.

APCs are traveling on an inclined plane.

10. The Suez Canal.

Military transports from Italy to Abyssinia pass through it.

Decks of passing ships, soldiers waving their hands.

11. Aerial acrobats.

USA, Ohio.

Planes in the sky with smoke "tails".

Planes perform various aerobatics.

Locations: USA [851] Germany [84] Italy [110] Belgium [22] France [77]

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