Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 586

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Producer UFA

Reel №1


Pictures homeland.

Greetings from Dresden.

Architectural monuments of the city: the Cathedral, the castles.

PNRM. cities.

Fragments of a football match Germany - Denmark in Dresden.




Wounded soldiers at one of the resorts.


In byufeta with mineral water.

Soldiers and girls.

Soldiers playing snowballs, skiing.



Children's festival.

Distribution of gifts to children.


Training of young firemen - members of the Hitler Youth.

Deploying technology.

Fire fighting.

Young firefighter on a ladder.

Flooding fire with water.


The sculptor Arno Breker in his workshop.

He is at work.

He's visiting delegation of French artists and sculptors.

Breker's works.



World War II; Sport; Architects

Reel №2


The funeral of Ernst Udet.

PNRM. mourning hall.

The coffin was set on the gun carriage.

Funeral procession follows the streets of Berlin.

Behind the coffin goes Goering.

Officers and generals.

Numerous crowds on the sidewalks.

Carry wreaths.

Cemetery Invalides.

The coffin was lowered into the grave, next to the graves of the heroes of World War 1 pilot Manfred von Richthofen.


Hitler's headquarters.

Hitler and Alfred Rosenberg in the park.

The conversation with the appointment of Rosenberg's Reich Commissioner for the Occupied Eastern Territories.

THE USSR. Eastern front.

Finnish front.

Far North.

Freight reindeer.

The German and Finnish infantry in Karelia.

Delivery of goods and replenishment.

German trucks on the road.

Short stop.

Soldier with a deer on the ice.

Under Leningrad.

In one of the factories engaged in sewing sheepskin coats for the Wehrmacht.

Construction of new bins.

View German bunker.

Smoking chimneys.

Stray dogs.

Soldier brings Washed. and frozen in the cold shirt.

Hut with the inscription "Bath".

Sitting in the bath soldiers.


The soldier rushes to the gun.

The shelling of Leningrad.

Shoot gun.

Calculation with guns.

Tightens reserves.

The battle near the village of Ivanskoye.

Shoot the German artillery.

A pointer to the Tikhvin.

November 19.

The capture of Tikhvin with him as an important railway junction and a huge bauxite mine relevant to the aluminum industry.

German artillery shelled the city.

Key words

Animals in War



World War II

Reel №3

THE USSR. It shoots a German tank.

The soldiers in the attack.

The Germans are Tikhvin.

They take home the captured prisoners of war by the Soviet flag.

German soldiers on the streets.

Captured trophies.

THE USSR. Military action in the Crimea.

German cars are moving to Simferopol USSR. Military actions near Moscow.

After taking Kalinin.

The movement of barges with food and fuel along the Volga.

Carts on the streets.

The Germans in the repair of the road.

Stuck in the mud technique.

Germans in a village near Moscow.

Distributing mail soldiers.

The movement of vehicles, cyclists, motorcyclists on the rutted dirt roads.

Recessed in the dirt bike, a German trying to get him out.

The soldiers are trying to pull the bike.

The signalman on the pole.

German soldier caught with chickens.

The Germans were billeted in the school premises.

On the statuette of Lenin in his childhood, navesheno weapons.

Distribution of food, soldiers with bowlers.

Distribution sausage.

THE USSR. Kharkiv.

Ruined HTZ, PNRM. shops.

Blast furnace.

The village workers, home workers miserable.

Dirty, ragged inhabitants: old women, women with children.


the USSR

World War II

Reel №4

THE USSR. Crimea.

Go German soldiers.

The shelling of Soviet troops.

Fragments of the shootout.

Surrender to the Soviet soldiers.

A column of prisoners.

In Simferopol.

Germans on the streets.

Soviet propaganda posters on the walls.

Local population.

Destroyed railway station.

Broken compositions.

Trophy armored train.


German convoy on the way to Yalta.

The shelling of the Soviet position.

Fires mortar.

View of Yalta.

General Ludwig Wolf Corps.

Germans come to Yalta.

German troops in the streets.


The streets of the city, the promenade.

The movement of troops and carts through the streets of Yalta and on the embankment near Livadia Palace.

Mediterranean Sea.

English aircraft carrier "Ark Royal", sunk by the German submarine U-81, commanded by Lieutenant-Commander Friedrich Guggenberger and submarine under the command of Lieutenant-Commander George Franz Reschke.

The task of the aircraft carrier was to ensure communication between Italy and Tripoli.

German aircraft.

He flies over the sea.

Map of events in North Africa, where from November 19 unfolded most difficult battle.

Junkers soar into the air, they are in flight over the desert.

They bombed the British position at the Egyptian-Libyan border.

The bombing of the British tank column.

LС‘tnaya playground in the middle of the desert.

German hospital where the wounded delivered.

The doctors and nurses.

Operating tent.

Sister with the wounded.

German fighter flies into the air.

Reflection attack British aircraft.

Fragments of air combat.

Falls downed British planes.

Airy fight.


North Africa

World War II