On Fields Of the Soviet Land.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kulagina K.


A review film about agriculture of the USSR.

Temporary description

Production processes in agriculture. Harvesting of cereals, vegetables, cotton. Plowing tractors. Pollination fields of aircraft and helicopters, agricultural aircraft. Villages. The collective farm "Russia". Building board. School. Shop. Buyers of the counters. Kolhozen Sanatorium Kolos. Club.

Reel №1

Collective farm field fields forest protection - LS. (The plane, summer).

Kolkhoz gardens - LS. (The plane).

Agitated by the wind eared field - LS., PNRM.

Kolkhoz villages - LS. (The plane).

Comfortable houses in the village farmers farm "Russia" townhouses - LS.

Girls-women collective farmers come to work.

Convoy of tractors is on machine yard farm "Russia."

The building of the kolkhoz.

Children go to a new school - LS.

Buyers are selmag, select manufactured goods.

Arch labeled farm "Russia» - CU.

Collective building of the club; passenger car in front of farmers - LS.

Spa house "Kolos" collective "Russia" and "Proletarian Will" Stavropol - LS.

Sign sanatorium - CU.

Collective farmers rest in lush orchard.

Vacationers in the House of the resort.

The shadow of the plane over the field, where the collective herds of cattle.

Ducks on the pond.

Cows in the paddock at the kolkhoz farm and pasture near the river.

Harvester removes a lot of green corn.

PNRM. in the field of wheat on a background of the village farm "Russia" and the transmission lines.

Combines column clean bread.

Collective farm scientists in the field of wheat.

Awnless wheat ears - CU.

Girls work in the kolkhoz agrolaboratorii.

Aircraft pollinating field.

Helicopter pollinating gardens - LS.

Elektrotraktor working in the field - LS., MS.

The machine cleans potatoes - LS., CU.

The machine cleans the cabbage - MS., LS.

The woman on the field holding a sugar beet - CU.

Beet machine works - LS., MS., CU.

The machine cleans the field of flax - MS.

On the field, working cotton pickers - LS., MS., CU.

Laying cotton riots - LS.

On the dusty expanse of the steppe land survey work machine - LS. (The plane).

On the road in the desert is a long column of trucks with concrete gutters to build an irrigation system - LS.

Camel on the road looking at the car in the desert.

The construction of irrigation canals from gutters mounted on pedestals - LS.

The face of the builder - CU.

Troughs in the desert is water.

A cotton field of stretched tube is water - MS., CU.

Inning with the help of special machines in the marshy areas of the country - LS., MS.

Tractor plows drained land.

Let virgin steppe - LS.

Arrival in Kazakhstan volunteers Tselinniks - LS., MS.

Agricultural machines, ready to enter the field.

In the ground squirrel sitting on a background working tractors - MS., LS.

Gopher - CU.

On the field is sowing of grain drills tractor - LS.

Tselinnik build a house.

Settlement on the virgin snow - LS.

On the streets of the village children ride bicycles.

Boy - CU.

Children play in the playground of the kindergarten - LS., MS.

Strewed grain - CU.

Virgin village - LS. (The plane).

Eared vast fields - LS.

Combines clean bread - LS.

Work on a mechanized current.

The elevator takes bread - CU.