Chronicle of life. (1957)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Shnejderov V.

Script writers: Shnejderov V.

Operators: Razumov Yu.


The film is the third in the series "The emergence and development of life." Painting in an exciting form tells the story of the evolution of living organisms from algae and protozoa before the appearance of modern man.

Science | Biology | Educational films

Reel №1

Mountain slopes.

Geological expedition.


Geologists are taking samples of rocks.

Mountain View.

The river in the Fergana Valley.

Scientists examining samples.

Traces of fossilized shells of ancient mollusks on the wall.

Geologist chips a piece of rock.

The sample in hand geologist.

Paleontologist examines a sample.

The stones with imprints of ancient plants and animals.

Scientific literature, portraits of famous scientists.

Pages of books.

Halls of the Moscow Museum of Paleontology.

Museum exhibits, visitors on tours.

Animation: the restoration of appearance of an extinct animal-based skeleton.

Samples of rocks, illustrations in books.

Animation: the bottom of the ocean, look at the surface, a return to the bottom.

Single-celled algae and bacteria under the microscope.

Animation: trilobites and worms.

Footprints in the petrified mud.


Fossilized trilobites.

Animation: clouds over the ocean, the inhabitants of the ocean, merostomes preys on fish.

Prints merostomes.

The imprint of the ancient fish.

Animation: the ancient inhabitants of the ocean.

The imprint of the sea lily.

The inhabitants of the aquarium.

Sea urchin.



Offshore cancer.

Figures psilophytes.

Animation: armored and crossopterygian fish.

Lungfish Queensland Lungfish.

Animation: structural features and the Queensland Lungfish of the respiratory system.

Animation: the ancient land plants, amphibians slide a driftwood floating underwater.





The imprint of a dragonfly in stone, there is a figure close dragonfly.

The imprint of a fern leaf.

Petrified trunk of an ancient tree.



Scientific expeditions; Museums and exhibitions

Reel №2


Animation: lizards in the desert, predator attacks herbivore, out of the water coming out Diplodocus.

Figure plants.

Modern indoor plants (palm family).

Animation: belemnites, ichthyosaurs belemnite hunt, hunts pliosaur ichthyosaurs.

Prints of skeletons of ancient dinosaurs.

Fossilized shells belemnite.

Scientist divides half piece of clay.

The shells of cephalopods.


Excursion to the museum.

Animation: terrestrial herbivorous dinosaurs.

Images of carnivorous dinosaurs.

Animation: Pteranodon in the sky, mosasaurs in the sea waves.

Water monitor.

Screech agama.




Drawings of birds.

Archaeopteryx imprint in stone.

Pictures of ancient mammals.

Stuffed mammoth in the Leningrad Zoological Museum.

Exhibits Moscow Paleontological Museum.

Musk Ox in the Leningrad Zoo.

Scientists are on a mountain trail.

A man lights a lamp.

The skeletons of man and ape.

Stuffed monkeys.

Alternation: drawings, visitors Anthropological MSU Museum, museum exhibits.

Geologist with a flashlight in a cave.

Cro-Magnon burial.


People visiting the cave.

Cave drawings.




Scientific expeditions; Museums and exhibitions