Down the Black Path.. (1962)

Film-document №5704 5 parts, Duration: 0:46:36, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Makhnach L.

Operators: Generalov L.


About the struggle of the employees of the State Inelligence Service authorities against spies.

Temporary description

Film-tale of espionage and subversive activities of foreign intelligence services against the Soviet Union. City of New York and the Pentagon. City of Washington, Central Intelligence Agency. U.S. military attache Robert Walker Grow to travel to the USSR, Red Square, extracts from the diary of William R. Grove of its intelligence activities. Press conference of former intelligence officer B. Mitchell and B. Martin for Soviet and foreign journalists. The trial of American spies, tourists P. Sonntag and W. Naumann. Investigator questioned by an American spy MV McKinney. American pilot spy FG Powers. Classes of students in the American intelligence school. Say (synchronously) former U.S. intelligence agents: Kravets, Sorokin, Kudryavtsev, K. Ramanis, Deksnis, Golub. The investigation into the smuggling of jewels and currency. Attributes espionage activities of foreign intelligence: false documents, hiding places, weapons, secret instructions.

Reel №1

New York - LS.

Statue of Liberty in New York - LS., MS.

Cop - PNRM.

Pentagon - LS.

Education of American soldiers in military affairs.

Walking foot soldiers.

The soldiers shouted in attack - CU.

U.S. military aircraft flying - LS.

The water explodes package - MS.

Atomic explosion - LS.

Animation: World map indicating the locations of the U.S. intelligence.

Newsreel 1959:

Construction Novovoronezh nuclear HPP.

Delegation of American physicists building.

American physicists led by John McCone in the Institute for Nuclear Research of the USSR.

The Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, people go into the building.

Filing, for eavesdropping devices, laboratories, paper for cryptography and other countries.

American rocket launch to commit espionage - LS.

Photos of people working for U.S. intelligence.

Portrait of Robert Grow.


R. Grow.

R. Grow in the USSR: R. Grow on a walk through the streets of Moscow, 17 on Moss Street, where he lived R.Grou.

Grow a car leaves a walk in the suburbs of Moscow.

Anti-aircraft battery in the suburbs.

Excerpts from the diary of his travels Grow countryside, about secret facilities near Moscow.

Radar station, airport for Moscow - LS. (Winter).

Policeman warns Grow abuse they closed the border zone.

Passengers pass - hitting, MS., LS. (Winter).

Grow in the car.

Photos of the bridge in Moscow, Soviet cruiser "Chkalov", made in the USSR Grow to commit espionage.

Grow a railway.

É railway junction - LS.

Policeman detains Grow in place his espionage activities.

Animation: profile of General Robert Walker Grow - Military Attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

R. Grow on the guest platform during the festive military parade on Red Square.

Staff of the American Embassy in Moscow, on the roof of the embassy are monitoring the military equipment during the parade pictures.

Reel №2

Leafing through a diary Grow.

Book British army officer Richard Squier "Road War", in which published excerpts from the diary of his grou espionage.

Grow photos and other American diplomats expelled from Moscow for espionage.

Bernon Mitchell and William Martin, who have broken with the U.S. Secret Service in protest against her unscrupulous methods, at a press conference in Moscow, exposing the activities of U.S. intelligence.

Flip over the criminal case number 112 on the U.S. intelligence spies arrested in the Soviet Union, Peter Sonntag and Walter Naumann.

Is trial-spies "tourists" P. Sonntag and B. Naumann.

Sonntag and Nauman in the dock.

Physical evidence seized from the spy-tourists.

Is an American trial V.Maknnenom, caught residents of Kiev in intelligence gathering.

Investigator shows evidence seized from a spy.

Says V. McNamee about his espionage activities (synchronous).

Newsreel 1960. -

With Pakistani airfield rises American aircraft - LS.

Wing aircraft in flight - LS.

The face of the American spy pilot Francis Gary Powers, who flew to the "Lokkid U-2" over the Soviet Union on May 1, 1960, and shot down a Soviet rocket.

The aircraft in the sky - LS.

Earth visible through the clouds - LS.

Radar station - CU.

The man's eyes - CU.

Valid locator - LS.

Military run for the post.

Rises sight of the meadows, the missiles - CU.

Locator to find the target in the air.

Brash "Lokkid U-2," which was shot down over the Soviet Union.

The scheme of the U.S. intelligence community, represented in the magazine "News-Week» - MS.

Newspaper reports of dangerous activities of U.S. intelligence.

Preparing spies U.S. intelligence agencies.

Training in pistol shooting - MS., CU.

West Berlin - LS.

The streets of West Berlin from the passage - LS.

U.S. intelligence school in West Berlin - LS., MS.

American radio station in Europe.

Animation: Map of West Berlin with the designation of neo-Nazi organizations and unions that emerged in the postwar years.

At a press conference exposing American intelligence agent Kravets, who is also Sorokin, abandoned in the Soviet Union in 1953 in West Germany (synchronously).

Journalists listen.

The nature of the job, says former U.S. agent Khmelnitsky (synchronously).

Cameraman's shooting performance Khmelnitsky.

People watching on the television transmission.

Journalists write performance E. Khmelnitsky.

Says a former American agent Kudryavtsev (synchronously).

Weapons of the spy ring, abandoned the Soviet Baltics.

Baltic forests - LS.

Cache of arms and ammunition spies discovered in the Baltic forest.

Knife vonzenny a tree during the Soviet KGB spies environment - CU.

Photo: the detention of foreign agents KGB.

Reel №3

Bank of Latvia to a high-speed torpedo boat approaches like "Lurcat-C."

Lighthouse on the beach (night) - LS., MS.

By scrub swamp wade ashore foreign agents.

Striding legs of a man through the swamp.

Operates radio - LS.

Agents send a telegram to the intelligence center.

Agents in the woods near the fire.

Maps of Latvia.

Agents secretly preparing to go to Riga: hidden Soviet money, guns to the leg and armpit.


Riga - LS.

Along the street are agents (shot through the car window.)

Entrance of the house, which should include agents.

Secret instruction intelligence center.

Agents are locked.

Radio - MS.

House lost in the woods on the farm.

Spy is broadcast to their masters.

Landed on the shore of a new group of spies.

Resident Arrested U.S. intelligence Romansis Kurt talks about his work in Latvia (synchronously).

Spy equipment, selected by the Soviet KGB during the detention of groups of agents.

Cylinder with a double bottom, where spies hid secret documents.

Document "Decision» - MS.

Portraits of spies operating in Latvia.

The Order, which was awarded a spy Zarins.

Said the arrested spy Deksnis (synchronously).

Soviet paper money (prior to 1961), taken from the detention of spies - MS., LS.

Road train passes the airfield at Sheremetyevo - LS.

Customs inspection of luggage at the airport.

Tourist from Syria who tried to illegally hold gold coins.

Customs find gold coins under the upholstery suitcase foreign tourists.

Reel №4

Customs inspection of luggage of passengers at the airport.

The customs officer takes a gold watch from the shoe heel, where they were put to a secret transportation.

Currency hidden in paste and soap.

Currency - LS.

Sign "of the RSFSR. Ministry of Justice.

The Moscow City Court. "

Moscow court hears the case of large currency speculators Faybischenko, Edlisa, Laguna, Polismenova, leader of the gang - Jan Rokotov.

Roars hands over a suitcase in the luggage of the Leningrad railway station in Moscow.

The building of the Leningrad station - LS.

Hands removed from the suitcase currency.

In the study investigator at the confrontation Vilnius P. Katsena money changers and the representative gang Fedor Kaminer.

The house in which he lived hairdresser railway hospital and money changers Fedor Kaminer.

Ransacked Kaminer - employees investigation found in the recesses of the currency, money, jewelry.

Kaminer leads investigators to hiding in the forest, digging up hidden currency.

Currency - PNRM., LS.

Black-marketeers on a Moscow street repurchased foreign things.

In the military prosecutor's office investigator testifies arrested spiv Kuksenko.

Finnish port - LS., (Summer).

Street Riga - LS.

Black-marketeers, including Kuksenko (cycling), are sent to the port of Riga for a meeting with foreigners.

Among the trees is a movie camera and secretly removes black marketeers.

Combatants are detained Kuksenko their headquarters, talk to him.

Kuksenko the interrogation the investigator.

Animation: magazine "America".

Newsreel 1959:

American exhibition in Moscow - LS., MS.

Visitors to the exhibition visiting the exhibits, trying to "Pepsi-Cola".

Cups from the "Pepsi-Cola" in the dustbin.

Abstract sculptures displayed at the exhibition.

Visitors puzzled examine abstract shapes.

Guide to the exhibition gives visitors a prospectus, after checking their service certificates.

Reel №5

Visitors American Exhibition in Moscow views the book.

Anti-Soviet books on display.

The guides at the exhibition lively conversations with visitors.

Extracts from the secret instructions, prepared for U.S. intelligence guides.

Folder opens criminal case number 112 Rostislav Rybkin - Moscow spiv recruited by American R. Lane.

American spy photos of Lane - CU.

Parcel - CU.

Books sent by Lane and his friends R.Rybkinu Repnikova recruited by them during the World Youth Festival in Moscow v1959, with secret instructions cryptography and message of intelligence center.

American exhibition in Moscow - LS.

Guide Joan Barth talks to visitors in the department of refrigerators.

Joan Barth meeting with Rybkin on a Moscow street.

The cameraman shoots meeting secretly spies.

Books that are offered D. Barth Rybkin for distribution.

One of the following meetings with Bart D. Rybkin, when he was given the task of spying.

IA Alekseyev at work in the chemical laboratory of the Sverdlovsk Research Institute.

Amsterdam - PNRM.

Amsterdam street - LS.

A police car on the street - CU.

Husband IA Alekseeva Golub tells about his time in the "West free world" at a press conference at the Moscow House of Journalists (synchronously).

(Golub was in Amsterdam during a tourist trip in September 1961.)

Journalists listen, write - MS.

Newspaper articles about the change Golub homeland.

Golub, who returned to Sverdlovsk, at a staff meeting of the Institute, where he worked until his escape.

IA Alekseev in the hall.

At a meeting with angry speeches against the director of the institute are the Golub and colleagues (synchronously).

Gorky Street - LS. PNRM.

Traffic in Moscow - LS., MS. (Summer).

The couple in the car - MS.

Held in Moscow, demonstrators with banners dedicated to the struggle for peace.

Demonstrators carry a portrait of NS Khrushchev.

Demonstrations against the arms race in the world.

U.S. soldiers in preparation for a new war - different.

Statue of Liberty in New York - LS.

Pentagon - LS.

New York - LS.