Britain and France at the beginning of the Second World War (1939)

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Scene №1 Britain and France at the beginning of the Second World War

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Women of the French Women's Medical Corps stand in formation on one of the squares of Paris, lined them sent from England ambulances.

The woman in the form of the medical corps in the ranks.

The face of one of the women.

British Colonel Webb among officials at the car handover ceremony.

Female military personnel are on the "attention" rack.

Faces of French and British troops, invited to the ceremony.

English representative congratulates female commander of the medical units to produce a new technology.

Sanitation cars passing through the streets of the city, the soldiers holding rifles "on guard."

The car rides arch.

By the sea mine, stranded on the coast of the French navy suit miners.

Miners visiting the mine.

Miner rake the sand out of the mines.

Miners slid mine.

Removing the fuse.

Miners unscrewed drummers.

Pulls wheeled tracked vehicle to transport the mines in a safe place.

Miners mine cling to the towing vehicle by means of a cable.

Tractor pulls a mine in tow wills beach.

The French artillery battery on the wheel-track traction makes the march.

Calendar: 1939

Locations: Paris [850] France [77]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Scene №2

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British officers are standing on a wooden jetty and look down.

Waving the banner of one of the Scottish regiments of the British Army.

Soldiers Regiment of Scotland take a weapon to "on guard."

Queen Elizabeth, the wife of British King George VI of, accompanied by the colonel of the regiment bypass operation.

The Queen stopped in front of one of the soldiers.

Soldiers stand in formation.

Queen is accompanied by officers.

Playing the regimental band.

Scottish regiments march past in front of the royal family.

Those marching soldiers.

Queen looks at the passing unit.

Next to the formation goes officer.

Scottish regiments march past go.

Pillbox (bunkers) on the Maginot Line.

French observer watching the enemy with binoculars.

German soldiers lying in the chain.

German generals studying the map of upcoming military operations.

Warships in the campaign.

Production and sorting of ammunition at a military factory.

Construction of a warship.

The production process in the shop of one of the aircraft factories.

Training in factory new aircraft hangar to be sent to the army.

Map of the German assault routes to the coast of Norway.

German warships in the campaign.

German naval flag on the stern.

Shootout British and German warships.

Plane takes off the British naval aviation.

The airplane torpedo torpedo resets.

The explosion on board the German ship.

English ship fires.

Burning ships.

British ships are firing.

The explosion of the German ship.

Drop bombs on German ships.

British Ship artillery firing.

The ship, shrouded in smoke.

Fire on board.

British ships are firing, burning kind of German ships (above).

Sinking ships.

British bomber crew descends from the wing to the ground after returning from a mission.

The crew from his plane.

Those crew members.

Colonel congratulates the crew commander with an assignment.

Flying German bombers.

French coastal artillery firing.

German generals A. Hitler show map hostilities.

German troops enter the city.

German troops crossed the border of the Sudetenland in 1938.

Znamenny marching platoon.

The German soldiers were taken away from the boundary of the barrier coat of arms of Poland.

The soldiers open the gate on the Polish-German border.

Horse rides through the forest.

German troops move through the mountain valley.

Pass the French general and a British colonel.

French and British warships in the campaign.

They fly planes on the background of the British flag.


Margaret Elizabeth Angela Bowes-Lyon - Queen of England, wife of George VI Adolf Hitler - a German statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1938-1939

Locations: UK [232] France [77] Czech Republic [59] Poland [177] At Sea [14]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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