Moscow and Petrograd the summer of 1918 (1918)

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Scene №1 Moscow and Petrograd the summer of 1918

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Trade with hands on a Moscow street.

Market Street on Sukharevskaya Square (above).

Trade with the hands on the adjacent street.

View of the market on Sukharevskaya Square (above).

Women sell tobacco and shag, sitting on the sidewalk on Petrovka.

Women sitting on the sidewalk with infants.

The refugees from the western regions are in the queue for passes to return home.

People consider getting a pass.

People surround received a pass and ask questions.

Swedish merchant ships on the Neva River in the summer of 1918.

Trams with Austrian and German prisoners of war, delivered at the station to send to Germany.

Prisoners with things going for landing.

Queue of people at the Nicholas Station, evicted from Petrograd in the community.

Women with things sitting on the sidewalk while waiting for boarding the train.

From the station exit doors members of the commission for "unloading" of Petrograd.

View of the monument to Alexander III in Moscow on the waterfront in Prechistenskaya scaffolding.

Work chisel chips fragment of the monument.

Workers descend down a fragment of the monument, tied with ropes.

The head of the monument on earth.

Students are at the Kremlin wall.

YM Sverdlov and Antselovich NM protrude from the tower of armored cars on the Red Square on the day of red officer.

On Red Square are the Red Army in the ranks.

People listen to the speakers.

Panorama of the Moscow Hippodrome tribune.

Check horseshoes horse.

Athletes marching along the path of the stadium.

Members of the sports festival perform at the stadium gymnastic exercises.

Athletes perform exercises on uneven bars.

The fans at the finish of the race.


Sverdlov Yakov - state and political figure Antselovich Naum Markovich - State and trade unionist

Calendar: 1918

Locations: Moscow [820] Petrograd [959]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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