Amazing World Near Us. (1962)

Documentary №5733, 7 parts, duration: 1:03:32
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Grek I.
Screenwriters:Grek I., Obrazcov S.
Camera operators:Grek I., Shmakov N.
Anouncers:Ivanova P., Obrazcov S., Uzdin Z.
Text authors:Grek I., Obrazcov S.


The view film about the beaty of the world and nature around us.

Temporary description:

Used in the film shooting operators in China, Poland, Hungary and Romania. Physicist, Professor FA Korolev a spectroscope. Chemist Academician NN Semenov at work. Weather balloon launch. Central Institute of weather forecasting. Female officers removed the instrument readings, making the information in meteokarty. Electrotechnical Institute named after Lenin. Professor VK Kozhukhov in the laboratory of high voltage currents. Observatory. An astronomer at the telescope. Airplane, airplane in the sky. The pilot at the controls of the aircraft. Urban, rural forest landscapes of all seasons of the year (day and evening shooting) of central Russia. Icicles. The dew on the branches. Clouds. The rain in the city forest. Lightning. Rainbow. Moon in the sky. Waterfall. Volga River Delta (removed from the aircraft). Tundra. Karakum Desert. Black, White Sea. Movement of horse harnesses by winter road. Rider in the passage. Flowers: tulips, poppies, lilies, lilacs, lilies of the valley. The trees, including birch, mountain ash. Shrubs. Insects: dragonflies, flies, beetles, bumblebees, ants, grasshopper. Pisces: izuka, sturgeon, carp, aquarium fish, including goldfish. Birds: swans, swallows, finches, crows, rooks, herons, starlings, canaries. Lizards, toad, too. Collector collections of bird voices BN Veprintsev in the woods for work. Competition canary singing. All-Union Exhibition of dogs. Dogs: Russian gustopsovye greyhounds, Irish setter, wire-haired Fox, Toy, lapdog, East-European Shepherd, Doberman. Guide dogs Shepherd Nera with the owner on the street of the city. Rooks in the nest. Precipitated out of the nest the chick. Veterinarian bandages paw chicks. She feeds and bathes chicks. Elk, spotted deer, bison in the forest. Huntsman avoids a plot of forest. The dead elk poacher. Meeting Ramenskoye City Court on charges poacher SI Ganina. Detention poacher fish protection inspector VV Kopylov. Kalmykia. A herd of antelopes in the plains. The trunks of trees cut up with a knife. Scribbled the names of the rocks in the Crimea. Artist M. Sarian. Paintings of the artist. Sculptor ST Konenkov. Work of the sculptor. Emil Gilels Recital in the Great Hall of the Conservatory (simultaneously). Girl and boy go on the night the park. Along the path is a baby falls. Movement of the vehicle (night scene). Children are walking dogs. Girl with a cat. The boy swims with the dog. Woman watering flowers in the garden. Wedding. The bride and groom. The guests drink champagne and dance. China. Execution dragon dance. Hungarian peasant woman painted the walls of the house. Polish peasant makes applique. Fishermen udyat fish.

Reel №1

Grass, to break through the asphalt - CU., MS.

Hands with a slide rule, an entry in a notebook, a hand with a brush on the palette - CU.

Drops of dew on the branches of spruce - CU.

Summer morning in a forest near Moscow.

Summer landscape.

Snow on the branches of pine - MS.

Winter landscape.

A man on a horse harnessed to a sled.

Branches of trees with yellow leaves - MS.

Autumn landscape, falling leaves from the trees - LS.

Spring Forest, PNRM. on the water with reflection in her forest - LS.

The tundra runs a herd of deer (the plane).

Black Sea - LS.

Slush ice in the White Sea - LS.

Sands of the Karakum desert - LS.


Clouds - LS.

Meteorologist runs the ball.

Running radar, tracking the flight of the ball.

Meteorologist removes performance devices at the site.

Working telegraph.

Animation: Motion map cyclones - CU.

Rain on the street.

People fleeing from the rain, running, standing under a tree.

Lilacs in the Rain - CU.

Rain and a thunderstorm in the forest.


Rain in the park.

Getting artificial lightning in the laboratory of high voltage electrical currents Institute named after Lenin.

Rain drops on glass - CU.

Reel №2

Summer landscape, rain.

The surface of the pond.

Lilies in a pond.

Mountain ash, lily of the valley, tree branches in the rain.

In the Grand Hall at the piano Emil Hillel (Debussy's "Gardens in the Rain") (synchronous) - LS., MS., CU.

Hands on the keys - CU.

Listen to the Hall - MS., CU.

Landscape with a Rainbow.

Rainbow over the forest, over a field, in the mountains.

Hand turns a glass prism - CU.

Starry sky.


Boy and girl go to the mall.

Moon through the trees, the clouds.

Astronomers have telescopes.

Animation: a globe of the moon.

Two lovers go on the night forest.

The moon reflected in the water.

Shooting star.

Water drops - CU.

The leaves are falling.

Drop a small child learning to walk, crying.

In the grass apple falls.

The film raises Sergei Samples and eating an apple.

Pencil, jelly drops float in space capsule.

Volga delta (the plane).


The bushes.

Duck with ducklings, duck in water.

Cormorants fly over the tree with nests, the crow - LS.

Heron flies - freeze-frame, MS., LS.

Reel №3

Birds in the sky above the forest - LS.

Swallows on the wires - MS.

Scheme aircraft Leonardo Da Vinci.

Animation: painting of a peasant Nikita jump from the tower of the Alexander settlement on wooden makeshift wings.

Over soaring bird - LS.

Glider in the air.

The pilot of the plane is.

Four aircraft to "loop the loop".

Earth (the plane).

Sturgeon in the river.

Carp are spawning.

Pink salmon are spawning (Sakhalin).

Different types of fish in an aquarium in the lobby of the puppet theater - different.

Chiefs - Moscow schoolchildren induce order in the aquarium, watch fish.

A woman in a swimsuit sunbathing in the woods.

The tops of the birch trees.

Fly - CU.

Beetle on a flower - CU.

Ladybug and ant - CU.

Grass - CU.

Ants dragging a dead bumblebee - CU., MS.

Grasshopper - CU., MS.

Figure: grasshopper in a cage.

Chinese children fed grasshopper sugar cane.

Grasshopper in a straw cage in the cabin of trucks traveling on the road.

PNRM. at the hands of the driver.

Reel №4

Grasshopper in the grass - MS.

Lizard in the grass - MS., CU.

Hedgehog - MS., CU.

Frog - MS.

C. Samples were holding a toad - MS., CU.

Head toads - CU.

On the scales vzveshavyvayut strawberries.

Girl eating strawberries, laughing.

The grass creeps too - MS.

Already in the hands - CU.

Crawl two snake - MS.

Chinese dancers perform "Dance of the Dragon" (synchronous).

Birch glade in birch forest (summer).

Chaffinch on a branch of pine - MS.

Forest ridge on the top of a birch, flies away.

River, trees (night).

Fisherman on the beach.

On the way, passing cars, headlights illuminating the bushes.

In the record store buyers playing records.


Boris Veprin gathering a collection of bird songs, comes with a backpack on a forest path, tape-recorded voice of a bird.

Bird in a cage in the apartment Andrei Pavlovich Dmitriev, General of the Soviet Army.

Dmitriev feeds starling.

Hands take a guitar and play a (synchronous).

Singing canary in a cage at the Moscow competition canaries (synchronously).

Listen to the experts canary singing.

Reel №5

At the competition singing Kenar (synchronously).

Listen to the judges and attendees.

Doves in the sky - PNRM., LS.

Pigeons sit on the roof of the loft - LS., MS.

Doves - CU., MS.

Girl feeding pigeons in the street.

Swans in the city pond - MS., LS.

A girl holds her hand on the little squirrel.

Girl playing with a cat and a dog.

Streets of Moscow - LS.

Woman watering flowers.

Garden in the yard.

Children of the dog go to the river.

A boy swims with a dog, go to the beach.

The monument to the dog.

All-Union Exhibition of dogs.

Dog - different.

Nera, a guide dog, goes with his owner Boris Kaziminym carries teeth bag.

Puppy and boy eating ice cream.

Dogs cosmonauts Belka, Strelka, Nigella - MS.

Veterinarian bandaging broken leg grachonku - MS., CU.

Reel №6

Tractor plowing the land, the plow to plow go rooks - LS.

Rooks nest - LS.

Rooks feed nestlings - MS.

Grachonka, fallen out of the nest, crows peck.

A woman feeds grachat, watered them, bathes.

Supplementary feeding of elk.

Elk eating grass from the trough, walking on the grass and on the water, swimming in water - MS.

Deer run through the woods - LS.

Saiga in the Kalmyk steppe - LS.

Small antelopes - LS.

Bison running in the snow - MS.

The wood bison - MS.

Buster goes skiing - LS., MS.

Tracks of wild animals in the snow.

Running white rabbit.

Winter forest landscape.

Bison walking on green grass - LS.

Dried leaves of the tree, scattered in the forest paper and bottles.

Carved into tree trunks names and labels - MS., CU.

Scribbled names Crimean rocks.

Black Sea.

Crimean landscape.

Blood on the grass.

Killed elk.

Meeting Ramenkoe City People's Court of the Moscow Region.

Defendant Genin Sergey - poacher.

The judge read out the verdict (synchronously).

Passing car with fisheries inspector Vasily Vasilyevich Kopylov.

Poacher caught pink salmon during spawning.

Poacher and inspector.

Dead fish floating in the river.

PNRM. from the river to the factory.

Reel №7

From factory chimneys belching black smoke.

Trees with drooping leaves dusty, smoke in the air.

Blooming apple trees, lilacs.

Siren - CU.

Kolesnikov gardener goes through the garden with him pioneers.

Field of tulips.

Tulip - CU.

Poppies in the field - LS.

Hungarian peasant woman paints the wall of his house.

Polish peasant.

Flowers on a tray (zoom).

Picture: A woman in a bright gingham sundress.

Picture: Flowers (departure).

Different figures, made from the roots of a tree, twigs, moss, straw, bones, corn.

Embroidered clothing patterns, lace.

Sculptures Lomonosov, Mendeleyev, Pushkin, Tsiolkovsky.

The forest is a group of boys.

Face - CU.

On the river rushes "Rocket» - LS.

Feet running horse - MS.

Hands on the wheel are typing, cut cabbage, sew on buttons, wash, do the operation, collecting watches - CU., MS.

Glassblower at work - MS.

Swimmers with scuba diving under water.

Students in the classroom with microscopes.

Television tower - MS.

Laughing woman - MS.

Legs in boots are on the dirt - MS.

In the steppe lunch growers.

Bird with chicks in the nest - MS.

Boy hangs a birdhouse - CU.

A man plays the saxophone, the boy - the accordion.

Kids at the rink.

Athletes perform exercises.

A woman cleans the glass - CU.

Artist draws (departure).

The bride, wedding, dancing youth.

Water lily flower - CU.

Faces of the girls.

Face of a woman with a child.

Child - CU.

Owl Eyes - CU.

Animation: against the background of changing eye appears and disappears show "surprising number".

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