The Steps Of the Grand Gymnastics.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev F.

Operators: Voroncov V., Gorchilin I., Gutman I., Efimov E., Kokoshvili L., Leongardt U., Oshurkov M., Fedyaev E., Shmakov N.


About the competitions between the Soviet and Japanese gymnasts and Championship of the USSR in gymnastics in the beginning of November, 1962 in Moscow which took place in the Sport Palace of the Central Stadium named after V. I. Lenin.

Temporary description

Moments competitions XV of the Olympic Games in Helsinki: sports gymnasts perform exercises on the rings, and other sporting equipment, awarding prizes to the winners. Moments of gymnastics competitions at the XVI Olympic Games in Melbourne and XVII Olympic Games in Rome. Soviet gymnasts PG Astakhov, VI Muratov told about his rivalry with gymnasts of Japan (synchronously). Moments of the various speeches of Soviet and Japanese gymnasts. Moments of the USSR championship competitions in gymnastics. Gymnasts BA Shakhlin, LS Latynina and others performing floor exercise, exercise at a sporting apparatus competitions USSR Championship, rewarding the winners of the championship.

Reel №1

Japanese and Soviet flags - LS.

Hall of the Palace of Sports - LS.

Are a team of Japanese and Soviet athletes.


Match history of Japanese and Soviet gymnasts: Helsinki - XV-th Olympic Games, Melbourne - XVI-Olympiad, Rome - XVII-th Olympic Games.

The microphone stand repeated world champion Valentin Muratov and Pauline Astakhov (synchronously).

Warm up at the Japanese athletes.

Soviet athletes talk to Japanese women, show them some tricks plastics and choreography.

Pauline Astakhov talks with Japanese athletes.

Animation: Gymnastic Shells horse rush to the ring, rush to the bars (compared to the audience).

The audience, including Larissa Latynina and Boris Shakhlin - world champions.

Floor exercise performs Japanese athlete Endo - LS., MS.

Scoreboard with indicators - 965 - MS.

Floor exercise performs Soviet athlete Gromov - LS., MS.

Perform exercises on a log Pauline Astakhov, Sachiko Haar.

Children's school pupil Young Pioneers Stadium Tanya Antonova and Japanese Tasik Sirasu perform vault.

Vault Men perform: Lissitzky, Kardemelidi (USSR), Yamashita.

Look V. Muratov and Japanese coach.

Free exercises on the mat and perform Tasik Sirasu Georgian athlete Mzia Ninoshvili.

Perform exercises on horseback Lissitzky, Matsumoto.

Boris looks Shakhlin - CU.

Gymnasts perform on bars: arch, Japanese Endo.

On the uneven bars, women perform exercises: Taki Japanese Shibuya, Soviet athlete Lydia Labunets and Tamara Ivanova.

Perform exercises on a bar Kerdemelidi (some gymnastic exercises removed rocking).

Reel №2

Japanese gymnast on the high bar Mitsukuri.

PNRM. Commemorative medals.

On the podium, Soviet and Japanese gymnasts and acrobats men.

Applauding audience.

The hall pass Japanese and Soviet judges and athletes - competitors.

Animation: medals and cups competitions at national championship.

The best teams and athletes are awarded trophies and diplomas of the USSR championship.

Athletes Lissitzky, Shakhlin, Muratov, Latynina and others are preparing for a competition.

Vault perform Sofia Muratova and Larissa Latynina.

On the uneven bars do exercises L. Latynina and C. Muratov.

Beam exercises performed L. Latynina and C. Muratov.

P. Astakhov monitors performance Muratova.

Free exercises on the mat do Muratov Latynina.

Undress, ready for action and B. Shakhlin Kerdemelidi.

Shakhlin Kerdemelidi and do floor exercises, exercises on the horse, vault, exercises on the rings, bar exercises, exercises on the bar.

Applauding audience.

Shakhlin congratulates Kerdemelidi - the new champion, who won the gold medal.

On the podium winners: Latynina, Muratov, Astakhov Kerdemelidi, Shakhlin, Lissitzky.

Applauding audience.

The inscription "Tokyo" (city next Olympics).

Flags of different countries.

5 Olympic rings - the influx.