Soviet family and school (1927-1928)

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Scene №1 Soviet family and school

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Geography teacher leads the lesson, shows children the continents on the globe, children listen to the teacher.

Children raise their hands to question the teacher, the teacher shows Africa on the globe.

Children listen to listen to the teacher.

Map of Africa and the African landscapes (animation), students face.

The teacher tells the story of African animal world, points to the image of an elephant on the class wall.

Elephant in the cage of the Moscow Zoo.

Children watching an elephant, zoo employee feeds an elephant.

Tigers in a cage, the children watched.

Children watch the tigers and lions in cages.

Children watching the monkeys playing, laughing.

Monkey gnaws nut.

Children watch the monkeys.

Children in the class during the lesson, the teacher continues explaining.

Tram and horse-drawn carts on the streets of Moscow.

Children get out of school at the end of lessons, run past the school building.

Face pupil younger group of kindergarten.

Children run out of the school.

Children on the streets of Moscow.

People come out of the gates of factories and plants at the end of shift, a child's face.

Children in kindergarten.

The child in the arms of his mother, who came after him in kindergarten.

Schoolgirls say goodbye to each other after school.

One says goodbye to fellow workers after the end of the shift.

Worker walking down the street.

Worker and girl walking down the street towards each other.

The girl calls her father, he looks around, lifts her up.

Father and daughter go home, go to the entrance.

Mother and daughter met her father.

Family members talk to each other, the daughter takes her father, the mother puts the kettle on the stove.

Daughter shows her father a piece of paper with the text, the father begins to read.

Calendar: 1927-1928

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

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