Volga Military District (1918-1988)

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Scene №1 Volga Military District

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View of the Moscow Kremlin in the early 1920s.

Military orchestra on the Red Square.

Those musicians.

VI Lenin, standing in the back of a truck, takes Vsevobuch parade on Red Square on May 25, 1919, stands next to AJ Belenky

On Red Square are part of the Red Army during the parade at the beginning of 1920, Lenin's face.

Lenin takes hits Vsevobuch troops, military parades on Red Square during the second half of the 1920s.

Lenin speaks in Red Square May 25, 1919.

The soldiers in the ranks.

Frunze delivers a speech during the 1925 parade of the year.

Frunze takes hits.

Photos of the Red Army parades in various military districts.

Egorov AI, Tukhachevsky in the military in the early 1930s.

Attack of the red cavalry in the Crimea in 1920.

Machine-gun carts make the march.

B Teachings in the Volga Military District after the Civil War, a camel pulls the armored car.

The armored train is on the tracks.

Game footage of x / movie "October": a rifle in the hands of soldiers.

General view of the meeting at the Theater Square in Moscow in honor of the opening of the monument to Marx and Engels on November 7, 1918.

Lenin speaks at a rally.

Military parade on Red Square on November 7, 1941, passed the artillery and tanks.

Cadet stand in formation on the parade ground in 1988.

The command of the Volga Military District, and the heads of the Kuibyshev region on the podium on the day of the 70th anniversary celebration of the district, during a military parade.

Within the area are passing armored cars and machine-gun carts during the civil war, there is a division in the form of the Great Patriotic War.

Those viewers.

Parade part of the Kuibyshev garrison.

District Command of the platform welcomed the troops.

Passes military equipment and missile parts.


Lenin Vladimir Ilyich [841] - a state and political figure Mikhail Frunze - commander Tukhachevsky Mikhail Nikolayevich - commander Egorov Alexander Ilyich - commander Belenky Abram - employee of the state security

Calendar: 07/11/1918 05/25/1919 1920 1925 1930s 1988

Locations: Moscow [820] Kuibyshev [893] Crimea [981]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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