Australia and Oceania. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Zenyakin A.

Script writers: Maryamov A.

Operators: Zenyakin A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


A view film on the nature, economy and cities of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania for the comprehensive secondary school.

Temporary description

Landscapes of Australia. Indian Ocean; waterfall. Koala Bear-in the woods, with a baby kangaroo, ostrich, emu. Visitors to the zoo examine: platypus, dingo dog, birds kukkabarru, parrot cockatoo, black swan. The cows on the farm. Peregon sheep from pasture to cut hair. Haircut wool loading. Sugar cane plantations, papaya and strawberry. Aborigines make a tent - housing, amulets hung over the entrance to the hut, the fish is cut with a stone knife. City of Melbourne. University. Students at the lecture. The city of Canberra. Embassy of the Soviet Union. Observatory. The Soviet and Australian scientists at the airport. City of Sydney. Traffic on the streets. Bookshop. The construction of the Opera House. The rally in the park. Refinery. A ship in the ocean. Scientists on the deck of a research ship, explore the structure of coral reefs. Type of coral reefs. The coast of Guinea. The huts of the natives. The natives put plants, harvest, catch fish. New Zealand. Palma, geysers, mountain stream, vegetation. Extinct volcano crater. Graze sheep. City of Oakland. The port city of Wellington. Ships in port. Goods for shipment to England. Handling of fish. Museum exhibits: paintings, sculptures of warriors. Village Maori - the indigenous inhabitants. Watch towers with idols at the entrances. Dances Maori girls.

Reel №1

Waves of the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia - LS.

Gulls on the rocks.

Landscapes East coast of Australia - LS.

Winter landscapes of Australia - yellowed vegetation.

Koala bear sitting in a tree and eat eucalyptus leaves.

Kangaroo with a baby in a bag on her stomach - LS., CU.

Family with baby kangaroo in a zoo enclosure.

A man from the hands of feeding kangaroos.

Wild Australian dingo in a cage - CU.

Dog keeps on his back, a koala bear.

Platypus in the zoo.

Kookaburra birds, cockatoo parrots in a cage.

Black Swan.

Coastal forests - LS. with movement.

Australians clearing machines soil in the forest for pasture and crops burned forest.

Plowed field with krasnozemnoy soil - LS.

River Laurrey - LS.

Channels to divert water from the river.

Special counters, measure water for farms.

Cows graze in the estates.

Driving sheep shearing - LS., MS.

Shorn sheep.

Loading bales of wool on the trucks.

Is job seeker - CU.

Australian house writer, Katharine Susannah Prichard Communist.

Pritchard room with fireplace.

C. Pritchard at work and at play in their house.

PNRM. on a shelf of books in the library Pritchard.

Sugar cane plantations in the south-eastern Australia - LS. with movement.

PNRM. Vineyards - LS. with movement.

PNRM. Papaya plantation.

Harvesting strawberries at the plantation - LS., CU.

PNRM. Australian Museum - MS.

Primitive utensils locals.

Photos of Aboriginal people - the natives.

Aborigines live in huts of bark.

Amulets in front of the house native.

Old fish guts stone knife.

Women prepare unleavened bread.

PNRM. Waterfall - LS., MS.

Citrus plantations.

Man shoots with palm bunch of bananas.

Landscapes of Australia, taken from the movement.

Aboriginal homes.

City of Melbourne - LS. the top point.

Busy traffic in the city - LS., MS.

The building of the University of Melbourne.

Students at a lecture on physics.

The streets of Melbourne - LS.

Depot in Melbourne - LS.

The capital of Australia - Canberra - LS., PNRM.

Streets, shot with motion.

Australian coat of arms on the parliament building - CU.

The building of the Soviet Embassy in Australia - LS.

Canberra Observatory - LS., PNRM.

Soviet and Australian scientists, including well-known polar explorer, professor of Law at the airport during a stop of the Soviet expedition flew from Moscow to the Antarctic by plane in January-February 1962

Reel №2

4-mile bridge over Sydney Harbour in

Sydney - LS.

Vehicles passing over the bridge - MS.

Sydney - LS. from the top of the other points.

Sydney Harbour.

A group of Soviet artists, invited to Australia for concerts, held at the port.

The construction of the Sydney Opera House with the money raised in the population - LS., MS.

Soviet book store in Sydney.

Customers choose books.

Many pedestrians and vehicles in the city center, where there are firms and banks in Australia.

Office buildings - LS.

Adjusting the motion.

Park in Sydney - LS., MS.

The speaker in the park speech.

Demonstration of peace activists in Australia.

Refinery, owned by an American company - LS.

Warships in Sydney Harbour - LS., PNRM.

Australia under the wing - LS.

Archipelago off the plane.

PNRM. Map of Australia and Oceania - LS.

Barrier Reef, which stretches along the east coast of Australia.

Expedition ship in the ocean.

The scientists on the ship.

Diver prepares to descend to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Coral reefs - different.

Diver surveys coral reefs.

PNRM. Shark in the ocean.

PNRM. Coast of New Guinea.


The natives cultivate the land, harvest.

Native huts on stilts over the water.

The natives fish.

PNRM. Palm trees on the beach.

New Zealand, in the south-east Australia.