The Burman Guests in the USSR. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuzova Z.

Operators: Ryashencev K., Savin A.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.

Text writers: Prok I.


About the stay of the Delegation of the Revolutionary Council of Burma in the USSR.

Temporary description

Film about staying in the USSR delegation of the Revolutionary Council of the Union of Burma, headed by the Minister of Information and Culture of Burma, Colonel Co Mintom. Members of the delegation visited the city to Moscow, Tashkent, Kiev, Leningrad, Kishinev, Sochi. Visiting the museums and attractions, industrial and agricultural enterprises in the cities. Members of the delegation met with leaders of Uzbekistan, chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR KN Rudnev, Minister of Culture EA Furtseva, Andrei Gromyko, R. Malinovsky, Khrushchev.

Reel №1

Tower telecentre - MS., Inside and out.

On national television of the Soviet Union was the Head of Delegation of the Revolutionary Council and the Minister of Information and Culture, Colonel Myint Co (synchronously). tells about the visit to the Soviet Union of the Burmese delegation visits the country, meetings with different people (translated into Russian).

Operator with camera - CU.

Airport building in Tashkent - LS.

At the airport taxis "IL-18» - LS.

Pioneers with flowers at the airport - MS.

Delegation arrived in Tashkent of the Revolutionary Council of Burma meet heads the Uzbek government.

Pioneers guests presented flowers - MS.

The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Uzbekistan, a monument to VI Lenin in front - LS.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic YS Nasriddinova accept Burmese delegation.

With the head of the delegation, Colonel Myint, chairman of the Kachin National District U San Lian Co., a member of the National Council of State Y Lan Wang and other guests at the reception.

Guests take notes in their notebooks - CU.

Footage chronicle of old, dirty, squalid Tashkent with narrow, dusty streets and mud-covered wagon.

Uzbek man on a donkey rides - MS.

It takes a woman in a burqa.

The streets of modern Tashkent with new tall buildings, squares and fountains - LS.

The building of "Tashkent» - LS.

Theater building.

Alisher Navoi ", the fountain in the square in front of the theater.

Burmese guests on the area - PNRM.

A new residential area of ​​the city - PNRM. with a / t

Building and antenna television center in Tashkent.

Burmese guests get acquainted with the work of studio - MS.

Working with camera operator - MS.

Kids from kindergarten to do physical exercises televised.

Guests look at the children.

Apparatus, equipment pavilions telecentre - PNRM. the Burmese people.

One of the streets of Tashkent - MS.

Shop Tashkent Agricultural Machinery Plant, the cable car to the shop moved a huge part of a machine - LS.

Burmese guests cotton harvesters in the factory yard - PNRM., LS.

PNRM. - Hunger Steppe of parched ground and dry prickly grass - LS.

PNRM. - Man-made reservoirs in the Hungry Steppe - LS.

PNRM. - Man-made canals with automatic controls to supply water to the irrigation system - LS.

The channels is water.

Burmese guests visiting the irrigation system.


Field of ripe cotton - LS.

Hands tear uncover a box with cotton - CU.

Chairman of the kolkhoz "Shark Yulduzi" (Star of the East) H. Tursunkulov acquaints visitors with his Burmese economy.

On the field, working cotton harvesters - PNRM., MS.

Shrubs with mature cotton bolls disclose - CU.

Cotton Bay - PNRM., LS.

New, European-style houses in which farmers live.

Village shop, the village council building, farmer's house in the village cooperative "Shark Yulduzi» - LS.

Three times Hero of Socialist Labor H. Tursunkulov talks with guests at the table, the delegation presents a traditional gift - a national gown and headdress.

Red Square in Moscow - LS., With a / t, MS. autumn.

Burmese guests on Red Square laying a wreath at the Mausoleum of VI Lenin, standing bow to the Mausoleum.

Wreath from the Burmese delegation - CU.

The inscription on the Mausoleum "Lenin» - CU.

Burmese guests enter the Mausoleum - MS.

The building in the Kremlin, where he lived and worked VI Lenin - MS.

Burmese guests in the room VI Lenin.

Library, desktop VI Lenin in his office.

Phone, which was used by Lenin - CU.


Lenin in Gorki Park, falling leaves from the trees - MS., LS., Autumn.

Burmese guests Lenin in Gorki.

A bench in the mall, which liked to relax VI Lenin.

Photo: V. Lenin - on a park bench - CU.

The house in which he lived, VI Lenin.

Living Room VI Lenin in Gorki.

House in the Hills, taken from the pond - LS., Long-range plan.

The Grand Kremlin Palace - LS., Autumn.

Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers KN Rudnev Kremlin accepts Burmese delegation.


Bitter - LS., With a / t

Burmese delegation at a reception at the Ministry of Culture of the USSR EA Furtseva - LS., MS., CU.

EA Furtseva - CU.

The new building of the Moscow plant of small cars - LS., PNRM.

Assembly shop of the plant - LS.

Burmese guests are introduced to the factory production process.

Burma - LS., With a / t

Rangoon - LS., With a / t

Passing through the streets of Rangoon Soviet midget car "Moskvich» - MS., LS.

Burmese guests at the Moscow plant talking to workers.

Reel №2

The building of the University of Peoples' Friendship.

Patrice Lumumba - LS., Autumn.

Students go to university - MS.

Burmese guests are introduced to the University laboratory equipment data center.

Students are engaged in a laboratory computer center, work on computers.

Students University.

Patrice Lumumba's work in the machine shop - MS., LS.

The Moscow Palace of Pioneers - LS.

Lobby to the pool and garden in the Palace of Pioneers - LS.

Children play in the palace, singing.

Burmese guests at the Palace of Pioneers.

Bolshoi Theatre - MS., Autumn.

Girls learn to dance class in a dance school at the Bolshoi Theater - LS., CU.

Teaches classes in choreography school director, People's Artist of the RSFSR Sofia Golovkina - CU.

Pedestrian bridge over the Dnieper at Vladimir's Hill in Kiev - LS., With a / t, autumn.

Khreschatyk Kiev - LS.

Bohdan Khmelnytsky Statue - MS.

Burmese delegation met with Kiev.

Kinoletopisnye shots - Fierce fighting in Kiev during World War II: crumbling house - LS., MS.

Soviet tankers come into the liberated city.

Residents of the city joyfully welcome Soviet soldiers - liberators - MS.,, CU.

Old Kievan warmly embraces arrived in liberated Kiev Military Council Member I Ukrainian Front NS Khrushchev.

New refurbished Kiev - LS., With a / t

Kiev subway - interior view station - MS.

The building of the Kyiv Sports Palace - LS.

Hockey players are playing on the ice field at the Sports Palace - LS.


New residential area in Kiev - LS.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - LS., With a / t, PNRM. the cathedral - MS.

Khreschatyk - LS., With a / t

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR.

Kazanets receives a delegation of the Revolutionary Council of Burma - MS., CU.

Burmese guests arrived by car in a Ukrainian village, stone house in Ksaverotke farmers.

Building collective store, a new school in the collective farm village - LS.

Farm animal farm "Druzhba» - LS.

Burmese guests visiting the farm.

Rotary milking machine.

Burmese delegation visiting the farmer.

Guests and hosts raise, clink.

Leningrad - LS., Autumn.

Burmese guests on the Neva River.

Cruiser "Aurora" on the Neva - LS.

Burmese guests on the cruiser.

The plaque on the gun, a shot at the Winter in October 1967.

Photos from the painting "armed rebellion" and "VI Lenin in Smolny »- CU.

Sculpture VI Lenin in Smolny - CU.

Smolny - LS.

Burmese guests at Smolny.

Cabinet VI Lenin - MS.

The first decree of the Earth - MS.

Nevsky Prospect - LS.

Turbine department of the Leningrad Metal Plant (internal view). - LS.

Workers work on parts power turbines - CU., MS.

Burmese guests to get acquainted with the production plant, talking to workers - MS.

«Hermitage» - LS.

The guests in the halls of "Hermitage".

The pictures in the halls - CU.

Chisinau - LS., Autumn.

Burmese guests visiting the vineyards in Moldova, ate grapes.

Burmese guest gladly eat fresh grapes - CU.

PNRM. the vineyard - LS.

Caucasian coast of the Black Sea - LS., Top PNRM.

Sanatorium in Sochi - LS.

Funicular - LS.

Holidaymakers on the Sochi beach - LS.

Burmese guests visiting the beach in Sochi, the head of the delegation of instilling a "tree of friendship" and receives a branch tree, which he planted in their native land.

Moscow Kremlin - LS., Autumn.

Soviet Foreign Minister AA Gromyko accept Burmese delegation - LS., CU.

Head of the delegation, Colonel Myint With a reception at the Defense Minister Rodion Malinowski.

Burmese delegation at a reception at the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, NS Khrushchev. (Material fixed).

Spinning tower telecentre - LS.

The head of delegation appears on television (synchronously).

At Sheremetyevo airport taxis up "IL-18» - LS.

Guests leave of mourners KN Rudnev and others.